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Thread: 9/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by yardbelly
    That's what I would love to see...Dave, Vos, Gary, and Heffron with Dave taking it all.
    I totally agree with this. This would be an awesome final episode.
    I really like the roast episodes, they are the funniest ones of the season so far. I loved how the comics kept picking on Dat Phan, that was hilarious.
    I'm rooting for Dave and hope he takes the whole thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pudman13
    Speaking of drinking, what about Jay Mohr? I haven't seen anyone so obviously drunk on TV since the 70s and Match Game...
    Jay Mohr has a panic disorder and is real open about saying he sometimes has to take tranquilizers. There have been several times during this show when I wish I had meds for myself! But...certainly not a tranquilizer.

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    All my votes went to Alonzo. Thought he was the best by a lot. I just don't like the mean humor--it's cheap and not funny. How easy is it to make a fat joke? Alonzo was really witty and really funny and didn't make a joke at someone's expense. Very gentlemanly.

    I hope that it's Dave and Alonzo at the end. I'd be happy with either one winning.

    Pretty cool on this thread, though, that there are a lot of different opinions. Comedy is very subjective, I guess. I didn't think it was even close on Tuesday night, but a lot of people liked the other comics.

    I was happy to see Dave win over Dat (obviously, with that re-hashed routine) and Ralphie (who personally I find hard to listen to because of the type of humor it is--maybe I have to be "on the streets" more). John H seemed obviously to be the one to take it, although I think Kathleen and Jay are funny.

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    It was so obvious that John and Dave would make the final 4. They were clearly the best in their groups. I still don't know why Season 1 put Dave, Raphie and Dat together (maybe they can't do roasts?)

    The roast was really uncreative and resorted to the same jokes over and over. Triumph was the funniest one (and I'm not even a fan of his work). Alonzo and Tess should be the ones making the final 4.

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    I don't understand how many here think that Alonzo and Tess are funny. I have yet to hear Tess say a funny thing in her life. She is horrible. How many times can she use that whole look at me I am fat and sexy as hell bit?

    Alonzo isn't nearly as bad just not nearly as funny as many people seem to think. Gary and Dave are much much better than him and John and Jay are better as well.

    But I guess like someone said earlier that what makes comedy interesting different people with different opinions.

    Go Gary Go

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