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Thread: 9/21 New Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Thank you!! I couldn't have said it better myself - Dat Phan can make fun of Asians and his mother to no end without a word....
    Well, actually, a lot of people seem to think it's getting awfully old, and I am beginning to agree.

    Alonzo can get pretty down and dirty making fun of white people (and young gymnists), and no one says a thing......so why the gang up on Ralphie May??
    Some comics make jokes with real venom, and some just make astute observations. If Alonzo makes a joke indicating that he was a little nervous in a certain part of the South, I am likely to laugh at it - but at least partly because I fully understand why he might be nervous in certain Southern counties. There's a genuine evil reality out there that he's acknowledging fairly benignly.

    I am female, I am white, and Alonzo Boden has yet to say a single word that I found offensive, although he's said a number of things that I found painfully perceptive. The difference between Alonzo and Ralphie, as far as I can tell, is that Alonzo seems to have a much keener sense of where the line is between racial observations and racist ones. It's a matter of taste, and Alonzo has done the best job of any comic from either season in making that distinction. He is extremely skilled at his job.

    As for Dave Mordahl's sentiments against charities, I think he made it very clear why he's skeptical of them, and after some of the stuff I've heard about the United Way, I understand his reasons. Since he also said that he would happily give to Toys for Tots, and explained why, I would not call him ungenerous.

    I am another one who found Ralphie's rant extremely offensive, and not in any way funny. If a comedian is trying to make some kind of comment about racial stereotypes in general and half the audience does not understand the point, that monologue has failed to make its point - and if the problem is that there is not enough time in the set to make the point clear, then the set is best saved for another time. It is the job of the person communicating with the audience to make himself clear - not the job of the audience to unravel the labrynth of racial slurs in the monologue to figure out what the speaker "really" meant. I'm simply not going to give a Last Comic Standing two-minute comedy speech the kind of analytical attention that I give to something that matters, like political analysis of the current events so I can cut through a candidate's b-s and figure out what's really going to happen if he's elected.

    Ralphie simply isn't worth the effort. I've never found him all that funny, I'm genuinely glad that Dat - as limited as he is - beat him, and I fully expect Dave to send them both home on Tuesday.

    And by the way... Season Two is winning the money every week because there are very few people from Season Two who are entirely without good material or comic skill - and four of the Season Two comics - Alonzo, Gary, John and Kathleen - are excellent. Season One has exactly one really good, first rate comic - Dave - and an whole lot of people who are or were absolutely awful every single time they came up to bat. Tere, Sean, Rob Cantrell, Tess, Geoff - you can't win money with this crap, and one of the reasons why Dat Phan managed to win season one is because he succeeded, among other things, at being less egregiously awful than most of the people he was up against. He wouldn't have last four weeks in season two.
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    I don't know - maybe I need to watch it again. After watching Season 1 and seeing him weekly on the show, I really believe that Ralphie May had no intention of hurting anyone with his set.......that's just my opinion......and at this point, it doesn't matter. My thought was a lot of them (comics) do it from time to time - yes, Alonzo with his Tiger Woods and the hitting the ball far comment could be offensive. I myself don't really care........I just want to watch and enjoy the rest of the the show.
    And I think Season 1 has great comics, and Season 2 has great comics. I'm not sure I really think one Season is better than the other.....

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    It really isn't what is actually said anyway, its how it is perceived. It sounds like a majority perceived it to be offensive. I laughed a little and glared a little, Ralphie has never been that funny to me, I prefer Jon Stewart types.

    But good for him getting two shows! I think that is awesome and he is definately sitcom material.

    (expect I pray one isn't that lame idea for "bagging on moms?")
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    You are hilarious!! I didn't find your set offensive. You keep on doing what you're doing. I wish you the best of luck on your new shows, and I hope you are doing well coping with your loss.

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    I have never been offended by anything said on this show thus far. I just take the jokes for jokes and they don't bother me. If Ralphie said his jokes during the Republican National Convention, then I could understand people being offended but this is a comedy competition, so I just rate it on if the jokes are funny or not. Dave and Ralphie= funny; Dat=not. So Dat will probablly win

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