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Thread: 9/21 New Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Ironically, I have never really liked Carrot Top very much..... and yesterday's props were far cruder than most of what I've seen of him.

    In other words: I liked it.

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    I hope Dat is eliminated... the entire set was funny... last year when it was new material.

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    I just really did not like the whole format last night with the new "twist" - having two comics be eliminated. Basically because that means that one (or two) of each season's "best" comics have to leave when one of each season's "worst" comics stays due to being on ice (Geoff and Begging Boy - can't remember his name!) What's the logic behind that? Also, I didn't understand the point of having the celebrity comics either.

    That being said, Dave was the only one who really made me laugh out loud last night. I chuckled a couple of times during John's set, but truthfully I couldn't understand most of it - he talks way too fast for me. Kathleen made me laugh, but not during her set - instead at the beginning when they were backstage and she was doing her Ralphie impression. Very cute. Normally I really like Ralphie, but I did not like his set last night either. Dat - go away! Jay - the one liners are getting old. I think he would have been better next week at the roast considering all he does is one liners. Oh well.

    The best part of last night's show - Ant going bye-bye.

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    I am willing to admit it... I like Carrot Top! I have been to his shows in huge theaters and he always sells out, yet no one claims to like him.

    Also...props to Scott Thompson aka Carrot Top on being named the Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Super nice man.

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    Ralphie May
    [QUOTE=dvm]Believe me, I love non-pc humor (I'm a fan of Howard Stern) and can listen to it all day and be thoroughly entertained, but Ralphie's set offended me to no end. I think racial-labeling is the perfect way to describe it. And it wasn't funny-- it was mean-spirited to me. I really didn't appreciate the whole Asian slant eyes and Native American rant either. He might have gone too far. But to each his own.[/QUOTE

    First things first, I never said "slant eyes". Please if you all have the performance taped go back re watch it, hear what I say. I call Pollitcal Correctness racist. I say that the labels are dumb and condescending. And the only racial slur I say is cracker. The set was watered down and screened several times by NBC. I stand by the set cause thats who I am. I think people mistake anger for aggressive I had to talk quick cause of the short amount of time. At the end of the day its comedy, and I killed in the room. Comedy is a different experience when its in an audience or your living room. I had the set of the night in the room, but I am really busy with two other television shows so if I am voted off great, if I stay on the show great. I win either way. The show has jumped the shark, its done NBC has cut two weeks off of it and thats why we had two eliminations this week. No one is watching because it is predictable, Season 2 wins the money.(Season 2 has three times the viewers than Season 1 had and they just finished 5 months of high advertising and a high rated show.)

    I also have had some of the funniest/dumbest e mails, they are hysterical.
    You know it cracks me up that no one says anything about Dave saying Charities are horrible and I haven't given to charity since the Terrorists thing cause they screwed us. Oh ya and rape lots and lots of rape. Wow that cracks me up.

    If I get eliminated I hope that either Dave or Alonzo wins it all, at least they are real comics doing great material. Controversy is good for America, even if you don't like what I said its good that someone said it in primetime, we as a nation are too uptight. It was a joke if you cant take a joke take a cab.


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    If you killed in the room, then you shouldn't have any problem advancing. And what does it matter that a few people don't like your set, but they like Dave's set.

    if you can't take the criticism, take a cab.

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    Sometimes I laugh at Dat, sometimes I don't. This time I didn't. And I laughed at Carrot Top for what was probably the first time in my life. Louie's always good. But Dave was definitely the best.

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    Ralphie May
    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    If you killed in the room, then you shouldn't have any problem advancing. And what does it matter that a few people don't like your set, but they like Dave's set.

    if you can't take the criticism, take a cab.

    I killed last year in Vegas at the Paris I got a standing O in a 4 minute set, and came in second.

    I have no problem with criticism, I was just correcting something that was attributed to me the "slant eye" comment that DVM made.


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    I'm glad I read this thread, because now I don't feel so bad about loving Carrot Top's set! I had never seen him do comedy--just extremely annoying commercials--and I thought he was great.

    I really enjoyed Dave's set, and seeing Louie Anderson perform was good, too. Kathleen was ok. Ralphie usually makes me laugh a lot, but this set reminded me a bit too much of Bill Hicks-type humor, and there's pretty much only one person that could pull that off . . . Bill Hicks.

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    Ralphie -

    I thought your set on Tuesday was good. If people didn't get that what you were saying was that we are all Americans regardless of our heritage, they weren't really listening. I happen to agree with some of your observations. Using someone's heritage and tacking "American" on the end is as much labeling as anything else is. What do you call a black person from Britain? The person ain't American, so to call them an African-American would be insulting. How are they supposed to fill out forms when they come here? LOL

    I thought maybe you were doing all those accents to make a point about Dat's tired act. LOL I find it interesting that Dat can use the accent (with no punchlines to the joke) and basically be making fun of his own race week after week and there is no problem. If he was actually telling jokes, I might not have a problem, but it seems that he just wants us to think the accent is funny.

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