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Thread: 9/21 New Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I hate Louie Anderson and Carrot top....hate them hate them hate them.

    Loved John and Kathleen. Dave was pretty good.

    Jay, Ralphie and Dat Phan....none of them were funny at all.
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    Finally got to vote...

    (Usually watch on TIVO too late to vote)

    Put all my votes on Ralphie...was a little disappointed in the repeated material, as I saw him live and he has much more material...

    Dat used his same material that he has run into the ground...

    Dave was funny...I was disappointed to see him and Ralphie both performing...hope they don't split votes and allow Dat to win...would have preferred they used sweaty Tessie instead...

    John-Was good, but delivery seemed rushed, and most of material was repeat

    Jay London-Please No More, Move completely off the show, Thank you

    Kathleen-Enjoyed her the most of the Season 2 comics tonight, she is my second favorite of Season 2 behind Alonzo...

    Next Week's Face-Off...Celebrity Roast-Jay Mohr
    Alonzo Bodden, Todd Glass, Gary Gulman
    Jeff Brown, Tess, Rich Vos

    Was Jay pimping his site (jaymohr.com) so the comics could find material to use for the celebrity roast of him next week? Or was he joking about them roasting him, and they actually will roast someone else?

    Keith S. :{)>

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    Snoozing at my desk again.
    I was slightly disappointed to see Sean leave as I thought he was the most improved from Season 1. I don't think he had any chance of winning, but he should have lasted one more week.

    Very happy that Ant is gone and can't wait to change my avatar accordingly!

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    Ralphie May made me laugh the most. He has my votes. The others were ok. I usually like Louie Anderson, but,.... and I do not like Carrottop. Altho' he did acknowledge that he bombed.

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    Where is everybody? Holy cow, there's barely a page here!

    Oh well, for the five or so of us that still care...

    Ralphie - Gee, a whole set of race jokes from a fat white guy. I was starting to like this guy (having not seen LCS1) but last night nailed the coffin shut as far as I'm concerned. Is he trying to throw this thing?
    I've seen 3 completely different acts from this guy on LCS3 and didn't care for 2 of 'em.

    GO Dave! You and Carrot Top were the only ones who made me laugh last night. (Hey, the Mike Tyson boxing glove with the cup was funny, admit it. )

    Everyone else was abysmally boooooooring. Even John Heffron is looking bored. I guess that's why there's only a few of us left watching.
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    OK, I'm shocked to see how many people here actually thought Ralphie was funny.

    Aggressively non-PC humor *can* be funny and it also can be offensive (or at least annoying) and I think last night was the perfect example of it. Dave's jokes were based on something that is "never" funny (rape), and somehow he was hilarious. Ralphie just came off as someone with an axe to grind...there was no real humor in what he did, just a rant and a rave, while Dave's set was well-constructed and creatively crafted.

    I always believe that there's a major amount of b.s. in people who defend their choice of matrial by claiming that they're breaking boundaries or taking risks or whatever. Things come into your mind and out of your mouth for a reason. Ralphie's continual choice to make fun of people of other races tells me a lot about him and what's really on his mind. Just because he chooses to attempt to make humor in it, that doesn't mean that the angry manner in which he presents it isn't based on some sort of real anger/hatred/whatever.

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    I thought Dave was the best last night, and I laughed at Jay and Carrot Top (not all of his "thingys" were fun, but at least he acknowledged his mistakes, too). Heffron was a little out of steam, and so were Dat and Ralphie. I hope Dave makes it through next week, but I agree that they should have had something more "dispensable" e.g. Tess there to choose from, this might be a close race amongst season 1. From season 2 I am fairly certain John Heffron will get the votes, although he did not have that good a set this week. And I think it is finally season 1's turn to win the 50k
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I only voted for Dat because I love him-- no further explanation needed

    Carrot Top was HILARIOUS! I laughed my ass off. Everyone else seemed to blend together for me. Nothing else really jumped out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    I laugh at racial jokes all the time, but I didn't find anything funny about Ralphie's stand-up. It was more like racial-labeling, imo. He also used the same opening line about the African-Americans. :rolleyes
    Believe me, I love non-pc humor (I'm a fan of Howard Stern) and can listen to it all day and be thoroughly entertained, but Ralphie's set offended me to no end. I think racial-labeling is the perfect way to describe it. And it wasn't funny-- it was mean-spirited to me. I really didn't appreciate the whole Asian slant eyes and Native American rant either. He might have gone too far. But to each his own.

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    As I've said, I'm busy on Tuesdays so I had to tape it (didn't even get to see last wk's ep til Saturday).

    I'm disappointed that only 1 of each group of 3 will move on, because that likely means Dave and Kathleen wont make it; I honestly thought they had the best sets last night.

    Main gripe: too rushed.


    John- was talking so fast, I didn't catch a third of what he said.
    Kathleen- was talking fast and sounded more stopped-up than usual, so it was also hard to understand her at times.
    Dat- talking fast while imitating his mother - VERY hard to understand.

    I don't care that they did turn Dave's mic off at the end; at least he paced himself and I could understand every word.

    Didn't like the repeated material, but that goes without saying.

    Should move on = Dave and Kathleen.

    Will move on = Dat and John. :phhht I like John, and Dat has improved this yr, but they're not impressing me as much as some others. However, their fan bases are so large, they'll probably make it through.

    Why is Ralphie shooting himself down exactly like last time? I don't mind his material, but other people do. I honestly think that's the only reason he lost LCS1; he offended too many people on the last performance, and that cost him the win.

    As for next week, I'd say Alonzo and Rich will advance. Alonzo has proven himself at roasting already, and Rich's competition for the spot isn't very strong.

    Prediction for the final 4 = John , Dat , Alonzo , Rich .

    Oh, I almost forgot:
    Louie and Carrottop were ok. Actually, Louie was good, and Carrottop was pretty darn funny. I rolled my eyes when they came out, but I forgot how much I enjoyed CT's props the last time I saw them.
    Which season was funnier? Erm...
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