(Truth be told, I wanted to post a new thread so that the "Ralphie May Stealing Material" thread wasn't the first thread in the main page listing for this forum...but anyway...)

LCS3 is all stand-up comedy...which some of us said we wanted. It's in incredibly short bits...and is definitely pushing towards the writer's who can channel their funny into new and funny segments each week.

That's very different than LCS1 & LCS2 where the focus was on "in-house" situations and mini-challenges with very little actual stand-up happening...

Assuming that NBC wants the cash to keep rolling in on this...what type of format is likely for a possible fourth LCS? Back to the house? An entire season of new comics in the LCS3 format of all comedy?

Can you convince people to care about garden gnomes after you've created the mad comedy scramble format? Can you keep the people who expect non-stop stand-up to consider the strength of alliances?

And will Ant replace Jay Mohr as host for next year?