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Thread: 9/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I thought Alonzo was the funniest on the show hwen they showed clips of what they think of the contest thus far. Season 1 does not stand a chance. Ralphie, Vos and Dave are there heavy hitters and thatsn ot good. Vos has been real weak lately. If not for crap bag comics in season 1 he woulda been gone alreayd, but with fat to trim like Tess, Tere, Sean, and Rob they have an easy ride to the top. Alonzo, Hefron, Gulman (Yes Gulman), and Kathleen are have been much funnier than Vos. I think Tod Glass may even me able to take him.

    Ralphie is there only hope, and Alonzo, and Heffron are much better than he is in my humble opinion. Mordal has a cult following here but I dont see him making it too much farther, I think Vos will outlast him and thats bad news for season 1

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    What a better show it will be now that I don't have to sit through another of Tammy's mobster rants.........or janet or michael jackson.........now if we could just get rid of Dat..........

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    A fairly decent night of comedy...for a change.

    I have to admit that reading opinions shared on this forum can sometimes spin my head around, but as has often been said here...comedy is subjective and who's to say what someone else will find funny.

    RACK 'EM!

    Sean Kent--Odd that this seems to be the best performance that I've ever seen from Sean...and then to immediately call him out on the HACKIEST joke ever shared on any episode of LCS this side of various Ant or Tammy bits. There are open mic'ers in Seattle who wouldn't dare pull the Geico joke out on stage...much less to do so on national television! It was bad enough when my beloved Corey Kahaney did one on her Comedy Central special last year... That said, Sean had jokes...good faces and he lost that weird "meth-y" twitching that freaked me out the last time I saw him. I'm guessing he's going to get the least votes from season one's team this week, but at least he went out on a halfway decent set.

    John Heffron--Ouch! Going from the first person voted out during LCS1 to the winner of LCS2...UNLUCKY for Sean. John is the first comedian in this entire series who I think has put serious thought into coming up with a 2 1/2 minute set...others seem willing to do 2 1/2 minutes of their act--which is quite different. John came up with a thematic premise for this set...and hammered it home with callbacks, act outs and widely relateable moments. Excellent work.

    Geoff Brown--is definitely pitching himself as a potential sitcom performer...he's slowed down his delivery and is dressing for success (sit him next to Sean Kent and we'll see who wants a better job.) The act out of the big headed mutant child was funny...and a good way to use all the stage when many of the performers are "stand in one spot" types. A couple of his jokes missed and I don't think he finished very strongly, but I can see a talent agent being able to build something for him.

    Todd Glass--I was soooooooo hoping that Todd would walk out on stage, grab the mic from Jay Mohr and the pretend to put it into the mic stand that is no longer there...THUNNNNNNNNNNNK. That would have been very Todd...but no. I like his energy and his attitude, but I'm beginning to agree with people who aren't convinced that his material matches up. I didn't mind the crying at the end...but the "here's another joke about what to say to a cop" paled in comparison to the Cookie Monster variation of it. (I'm also bitter that he's bailed on a gig here in Seattle... COME BACK TO SEATTLE, TODD!)

    Dat Phan--SHOCK HORROR! Dat Phan did an entire set of material that I've never seen before. THAT HASN'T HAPPENED SINCE THE FIRST EPISODE OF LCS1!!! Dat's thing is that he isn't a comic...but an amazing simulation of one. He tells what SEEM like jokes...and he tells them in a way that SEEMS like it adds up to comedy...and he sells them to the audience like crazy. It doesn't actually add up to much, but those who aren't paying attention can be fooled. Some of what I saw from him tonight was decent...and at least it was new...and I thank him for giving us that, at least.

    Ant--There are few comics in this entire world that I dislike more than Ant, now. If Dat is doing an impression of a comic...Ant is a plastic robot pretending to be a human being. I've never seen someone less sincere and totally out of the moment as Ant. He's on a monorail and he's going to Magic Mountain with a fake smile on his face...and nothing is gong to stop him or change his direction or add even the faintest hint of anything truly alive. Awful.

    Dave Mordal--Dude...seriously, stop taking Cory Kahaney's advice when it comes to your clothes or your hair. You are a ex-military, Midwestern "guy." Get a short haircut, don't comb it...DON'T STYLE IT... Do NOT go into make up...or do not collect $50,000...it is THAT simple. Looking like the lead singer of the UK band Pulp is not going to convince us that you're a guy with a pick up truck and a Honda generator. On the other hand...I thought Dave rocked it again tonight. Nothing surprising there...and I've seen him do this set live on stage before...but getting an applause break simply by saying "What?" is testament to the fact that this guy is a serious, hardcore mofo in the world of comedy and as long as he's on the team, Season One has a chance of winning at least once.

    Kathleen Madigan--seemed to have a cold. And again, I ask--how can someone who has this much experience on stage not know enough to get the microphone out of her face so that we can see her facial expressions? Generally good material...and a solid performance.

    My votes would go to: John Heffron, Dave Mordal, Kathleen Madigan
    My expectations of being eliminated are: Sean Kent & Ant

    And I feel bad for Rob Cantrell--it's like he's lost his comic "voice" since last year... I don't feel bad about not having to hear Tammy and her superhacky "what the hell were you thinkin?" stuff anymore. The only minor shame is not being able to see if she'd eventually just let both of her breasts pop out of her ever shrinking tops if she'd moved on in this competition...because they were on the verge of doing so last night (when the voting had, silly rabbit, already been closed for a week...)

    Hopefully neither Jay London nor Ralphie May will take up where she left off in that pursuit...

    Anyway, good show...although it wasn't as good as the Amazing Race episode later that night... Maybe LCS needs oxen in fields?

    Rich Vos "My ox is stupid."


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    (Has the agreement smilie ever been on this thread before? )

    It's true that comedy is most certainly subjective, and as I was reading through this thread I was thinking that my opinion differed with EVERYONE on here. Thanks so much, pg, for your thoughts cause I share pretty much the same ones and now I don't have to type it all out! Only two areas I slightly differ: I don't like Todd Glass and thought the only funny part of his set was his impression of a macho man. And I wasn't blown away by Kathleen - in fact, I groaned at her last "joke" about the Jehovah's witnesses cause growing up in an area where they swarm the streets, I've heard that comment for years. But other than those two things, I am in total agreement!

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    I didn't laugh once last night. To make matters worse, my favorite, Tammy was eliminated.

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    Oooooh! Snap! I got zinged by the next comic voted off LCS!

    Heee hee...and I thought only Ralphie checked our boards.

    To answer your questions first...no, I'm not one of those open mic'ers who says that everyone sucks and are trying to hold on to some mythic "integrity." I know a lot of those folks though, so I know the species that you speak of... I'm one of those open mic'ers who's been lucky enough to have some MC skills, so I've gotten opportunities to work with people I haven't really deserve to yet at my stage of the game...so, tell Dave that you had a message board bitchfest with Peter from Seattle and he'll nod. And you'll have to self-serve the latte...I'm a midwestern transplant and couldn't barista my way out of a tall glass of milk.

    And, actually I lied...there IS an open mic'er in Seattle named Rob Westvang who keeps telling the Geico joke everytime he gets up...and that's the biggest laugh he gets, which says more about his act at this time than the validity of the joke.

    As far as our ripping each other's hearts out to do Geico jokes on tv goes...well, we HAD Ty Barnett and Rick Kunkler make it to the prelim show for LCS2...but neither of them even made it to Vegas. I don't think either of them did the Geico joke, though... The rest of us are working on our acts--sometimes successfully, sometimes less so...but I'd like to think that most of us putting in our time, seriously, are aware enough to know when a premise has played itself out...and Geico has been done to death.

    When it comes to you coming to Seattle to headline--that's great. Hell, I'll buy you a beer (or a latte if you'd rather) and if you want to hit me with a tennis ball, you're welcome to do so. (Be aware that only one club in town is no smoking, of course.) I haven't seen your name on the Comedy Underground or Giggles upcoming roster...and I don't think you're tan enough to headline at the Urban Comedy Club...but I've been lucky enough to catch every LCS veteran who has come to town (except for Tere Joyce, but I was working with Jim Gaffigan that weekend...sorry, Tere) so if you're coming, you'll see me... Maybe I'll even bring you on stage?

    In the meantime, if I can be so bold, I'd suggest that you let comments made on a silly message board for people who like to talk about reality shows slide... Seriously, it sounds like you're doing well and things are looking good...why worry about what my opinion on your act is?

    I mean, damn...it's not like anybody called you Dat Phan or something.


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    Sean Kent (LCS)
    Quote Originally Posted by pg13
    I'm one of those open mic'ers who's been lucky enough to have some MC skills, so I've gotten opportunities to work with people I haven't really deserve to yet at my stage of the game...

    you're a comedian (I'm sorry, MC/Open Miker) and you actually have the balls to post negative comments about other comics on a message board?
    You have a LOT to learn about repecting your peers. That kind of stuff can really come back to haunt you.

    As far as our ripping each other's hearts out to do Geico jokes on tv goes...well, we HAD Ty Barnett and Rick Kunkler make it to the prelim show for LCS2...but neither of them even made it to Vegas.
    Rick Kunkler has lived in LA for about 3 years or more I believe. So I'm not sure why he's one of "yours."

    Look, I don't really mind the criticism on these boards. All of us on the show - ALL OF US - get it bad at one point or another and it really dosn't affect our career in the slightest. But that criticism comes from people outside of the game. The fact that you're at least attempting to become a comedian pretty much - well, you should know better.

    By the way, I know you like to rip on Dat, but the man made more money doing comedy in the last year than you're likely to make in the next ten.
    So go ahead and throw stones, but remember your place on the food chain, brother.

    Maybe you should wait to criticize until you can make a living doing what we do.


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    That's a good one, Sean. Um..must remember I'm a mod.

    Please remember, Sean, that even though you are a member, you are also a contestant on this show. That makes you fair game for criticism, ridicules, etc.

    Don't take the bait. You know you have the last laugh anyway.

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    I thought John had the best set. My little brother even laughed at it and that really weird for him. Probably because he`s gotten me in trouble so many times like that. Geoff was funny too.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing a little throwdown between Mr. Seattle and Mr. Kent. I'm pretty sure it would be laughable.

    Guess we know who got some of my votes this week, huh?

    For what it's worth I'd never heard the Geico joke and I loved it.

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