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Thread: 9/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Maybe it's just me, but I don't get Dave's stage humor. He's got great chemistry with Rich off-stage, but I can't figure out why I don't relate to his routines. Maybe it's because I grew up pretty much a city chick. I feel like he's from a different planet when on stage.

    But what do I know. This is coming from a girl who likes Dat Phan.

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    I liked Dave and Kathleen and voted for them. I hope that Ant and Sean leave next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capsgm2002
    F***ing bulls***... another week of crappy material from plus-size "comic" Tess.

    I think a root canal would be less painful.

    do you call Ralphie May also a "plus- sized comic?"

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    And I agree with the general sentiments about Dave's hair, but at least he acknowledged it and made a joke of it. Hopefully, he'll get a cut . . . or move to the Playboy mansion where all the groovy guys hang out. (It's about half an inch away from 70s hair.)

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    Tammy. I for one will miss ya, girlfriend.

    Dave! The hair! He looked like a character out of "Boogie Nights"!

    to Dat (loved the running thru the mall with a little blonde girl under his arm).

    to Ant...you can do better than that, buddy. Step up.

    to Sean Kent - much, much better this week, although petered out a bit towards the end.

    Todd Glass - buddy, you have NO act. I wouldn't vote for you if you really had just had a new baby, AND if you had cancer, AND if your dad just died.

    John - LOVED the "I can't breathe!" Anyone with siblings should be able to relate to that.

    to Kathleen and Geoff...just because there's no smilie that appropriately represents "meh".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Pappy?
    Heffron was hilarious. Easily the funniest of the night to me.
    I totally agree with you on that. Anybody who grew up with brothers and sisters can relate. I was laughing out loud every few seconds.
    kitty-cats rule!

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    Last night was a good show. I enjoyed it, and I think the shows keep getting better.

    John and Kathleen were the best last night, imo. I was suprised to read how so many people thought Kathleen was disappointing. Comedy is subjective, and everyone has their own opinion.

    I was pleased with Dat's performance, he is getting a little better.

    My predictions for the results....

    Season 2 wins the $50,000, AGAIN!

    bottom 2 on season 1
    Sean, and Geoff
    with Sean getting the boot.

    bottom 2 on season 2
    Todd, and Ant
    with Ant gettin the boot

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    All of my votes went to Dave (surprise surprise...LOL). As for who I see going-- Season 1- Geoff, season 2- For the love of all that is holy, I hope it's ANT. If I hear that threesome joke again, I swear, I won't be able to be held responsible for my actions. For real, yo.

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    first of all, my sincere thanks to everyone who wrote with their thoughts. I completely missed the tv last night and missed the show of shows! And even if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I am trying to see it through your eyes. I can't believe Tammy went. Even if her sicilian jokes are dated and OLD, her presentation is still good. I hope to heck I won't be missing anymore of these-the humor is what gets me through the day!

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    Dave! The hair! He looked like a character out of "Boogie Nights"!

    .....perhaps Dave was trying to make a point with his hairstyle..... after how wild it was the 1st few shows, he went to the other extreme and flattened it.....

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