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Thread: 9/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I am in the minority, but I liked Dat's act tonight. For me, my list goes:

    1. John
    2. Dat
    3. Sean
    4. Kathleen
    5. Todd
    6. Dave
    7. Geoff
    8. Ant

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    Fo me it was:

    1 John
    2 Dat
    3 Dave
    4 Sean
    5 Kathleen
    6 Geoff
    7 Ant
    8 Todd

    I don't know what is more subjective than comedy. If someone makes you laugh, that person is funny for you. If you find them not funny or offensive, then they are not funny for you.

    No one can really tell someone else what is or is not funny.

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    I like Tammy a ton. Who did I not like tonight... Ant for starters. :rolleyes Didn't like John Heffron, Sean Kent, Todd Glass, but season one was alright. Kathleen was disappointing. Lord, I can't stand Gary Gulman. He's always acting shocked when people see him (like, are you clapping for little ole me?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by burntcrow
    but Dave Mordal was terrible tonight...the entire bit about the home improvement show was not funny at all....I did not laugh once
    yeah, I didn't even crack a smile with Dave's set. I guess my expectations of him are too high.

    I thought almost everyone sucked except for John Heffron. he was at his best, but compared to the others, he was awesome! imo, of course. todd was doing okay, but then he had to mess it up, and beg like an idiot. Bad bad move, Todd.

    My rankings:
    1 John

    Big Big Big gap

    2 (toss up) Kathleen/ Dat/ Todd
    3. Dave
    4. Geoff
    6 Sean
    7 Ant

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    I don't think I've ever seen Dave nervous when performing - he was a bit too fidgety tonight - I want Season 1 Dave back.

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    [QUOTE=Burntcrow]And I am very happy Tess stays, but sad that Tammy is gone

    I'm with you Crow!! I LOVE HER! go TESS!

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    I'm becoming too distracted by Dave's ever-changing HAIR! I liked his S1 style much better. Tonight he looked like an old guy trying to look young.
    I thought Sean did a great job with his set. Kudos to all ... except for Geoff and Ant. Those should be the next two to go. As far as the funny house tonight, it could go either way for me. In that case, I'd give it to S1 just so they have some hope.

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    Well, my kids loved Dat. They were dying laughing during his routine.

    I loved John. I thought he was very funny.

    Kathleen and Dave were pretty funny.

    Everyone else I'm sure someone found them funny but I didn't find them that funny.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Belatedly, after watching parts I selected on tonight's tape, I'd give kudos to Sean from the Season I team - really could enjoy his political humor, tired of his bringing up his bout with cancer, though. Had a couple funny lines.

    Person most worthy of going home, for me? Hands down, Todd Glass, pleeeeaase! He was horrendous - simply not funny.

    Dat & John definitely the top two rankings I'd give for tonight, followed by Kathleen, who I hope will return to her political jokes and start showing more energy.

    Next week: Alonzo and Jay, all the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN
    Dat - if you marry someone you don't Adopt" their child

    Actually you if you get married to someone with a child you can adopt that child if the other parent isn't in the picture or unknown. It's done all the time.

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