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Thread: 9/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I have to say this about Todd. He is a very funny guy, but i think that his writting is so horribly bad, that it may be even worse then Ant's and Dat. He makes me laugh, but his stuff makes me sick

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    Heffron was hilarious. Easily the funniest of the night to me.

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    As usual, I'm the different one. I thought Dat was the funniest tonight, followed by John, then Dave. I thought Kathleen was terrible and even though I usually like Todd he was bad tonight too. This is one time I actually think group one was funnier than group two.

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    dat rulez

    Dat was great tonight! No repeated jokes...nice delivery...loved the blond girl in arms joke. Beginning was a lttle bit weak though but that's ok he still did the best tonight along with Geoff.

    I never found Kathleen to be funny but she was really a disappointment tonight. I mean her material is so predictable. Nothing that you wouldn't expect..I mean i think I know how a really old lady who smokes sound like.

    Dave was decent, cops joke hilarious.

    Sean, Ant, Todd, were terrible. But at least Sean tried alot harder then Todd and Ant. GOSH I really hope Ant leaves the show soon. liked him in season 1 but Now i really can't stand him.

    Forgot John's set. Something about......don't remember.O well!

    1. Dat
    4 John ( If i had remembered his set )
    5 Sean
    6 Everyone else

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    TESS still standing? Starting to smell funky...TKNY: ANT better than Dave???? Were you watching and listening? Ant is a one joke comic, and the joke is getting tired

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    As if what I say would affect anyone yet to vote in the next hour:
    Though Kathleen was pretty good, not hilarious, and disappointing to those of us who really like her and her usual political humor, I recommend voting enough to keep her going so we don't lose her (especially, imo, before the likes of Todd Glass, Gary G. or Ant, who I've liked but his jokes are too tired now, for me). I really hope she stays.

    Otherwise, really enjoyed Dat tonight and cracked up over his joke about carrying the little girl in the mall. He also has a really sweet energy that he projects that I just plain like. Excuse me while I pat myself unnecessarily on my head (or ego) for breaking the ice and claiming he's funny and I like him!

    Have fun voting! I really can't wait til next week's team, as I love Alonzo and Jay!

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    Few comments

    Well Sean, assuming you are the real Sean at LCS1, you got my votes. I thought you were the best of the night. Best of luck to ya!

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    I thought one of the funniest things Dave said tonight was when he apologized for the way he looked the first three shows. I don't like the flat hair either though - something in between please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carla
    I thought one of the funniest things Dave said tonight was when he apologized for the way he looked the first three shows. I don't like the flat hair either though - something in between please?
    All he needed was a little piece sticking up at the back and he'd look like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.

    Ah well, he's a funny dude, no matter the hair.

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    You know, surprisingly, I thought Dat was hilarious! LoL, "Okay, she has shoes, but they're dirty." Ant isn't funny tonight.

    ...huh. and surprisingly still, despite what everyone has said so far...I didn't think Dave and Geoff were funny at all this week...strange. *shrugs*
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