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Thread: Your favorites and why...?

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    Todd's My Hero

    The Top 6 Last Comic Standees Ever

    Season 1
    Dave Mordal - He's absolutely hysterical...he was robbed
    Rich Vos - He's just so cynnical, he's great...and from the great state of nj
    Rob Cantrel - His whole bit about the strip clubs being like plastic fruit...great

    Season 2
    Todd Glass - He's too amazing, absolutely hilarious
    Gary Gulman - He's so clean, but is still hilarious
    Bonnie McFarlane - She used the c word in like 7 sec. of being on air

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    I didn't want to I had to redfitgirl's Avatar
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    Dave Mordal - What can I say? He's from MN so I have to love him, but I DO think he is hysterical. I've laughed at all of his sets.

    John Heffron - I liked him instantly when he did the bit about the kid in the store that wants to go home.

    Dat Phan - I know from other posts on this site that he is using old material, but since it is the first time I've seen it - I find it hilarious. (too bad he's already gone)

    Gary Gulman - I loved his bit about "the pill" and how everyone automatically knows which PILL it is when someone says "the pill". (also already gone)

    My votes all went to Dave last night.
    Admitted Reality TV Addict!

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    In my opinion, Ralphie May is my top dog. I find him edgy and always pushing the envelope. I like Alonzo for his off the wall hilarity(ie the olympic gymnastic team) that you find yourself compelled to laugh. I like Ant because of his gayness and his view of life. In these three comics, I find innovative freshness. Wow, did I just say that? whoo-hoo! I think I need a thesaurus for next time!

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    i liek rich vos, kathleen, and alonso =D

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    Who is "THIS GUY"?

    I have to admit that I have never watched this show before the Season 4. The main reason I had tuned into it was because they were airing a promo which said "..... and you'll also see THIS GUY". The judges had asked him where he got his character and he replied "What do you mean?" This was only like a second and a half. I tried to watch the show 3 times-I thought maybe somehow I missed it.

    Well, I guess I did see him briefly when the camera was panning over the comic hopefuls waiting to see who would make it to the next round. I believe he had an accordian with him.

    They never showed any of it. Why would they show a clip for the promo and not on the SHOW? Does anyone know who "THIS GUY" is. I'd really like to know.

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