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Thread: Your favorites and why...?

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    John Heffron & Kathleen Madigan. They are both hysterical, but for different reasons, which is great!

    Ant, Gary, & Alfonso are good too.

    But I absolutely DESPISE Jay London. Every time he performs, I leave the room. I don't understand his appeal and he thinks he's smart. Awful!!

    I don't really know the comics from Season 1, but some of them seem funny...if only I could remember their names.

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    Rooting for Dave and Rich all the way, but more so Dave. I saw them perform live a few times and they are two of the best comics I've ever seen. I went to 2 shows less than a month apart, and Dave hardly repeated any material. The material he did repeat was still hilarious, it doesn't get old, that's for sure. When it comes to interacting with the crowd, Vos is the king. He's extremely witty AND DIRTY, so I don't find him nearly as funny on TV as I do live.

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    I love Alonzo, John, Dave, and Rich. I don't get why eveyrone likes Ralphie so much I just don't feel him JMHO though. I think Rich and Dave need to show us why they are there, they are funny funny men. I think that John is who I relate to most and he has the best stage presence, and Alonzo has the freshest material. He is the best writer I think. Tammy, Ant, Tess, Blech cannot stant em. I am sick of Tammy and her Sicilian stuff every week, and Tess and her I am hot and heavy, and Ant and his gay jokes.

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    From the first season - Vos, Dave, and Ralphie May are laugh out loud funny. They never fail to make me laugh.
    I don't think that Dat is funny - and he repeats his jokes often............Tere was never good, although I'm glad to see she dropped the "cha cha cha" bit from her routine.......Sean isn't funny, Corey has her moments - and same with Tess, sometimes she can be hysterical, and other times she is just bland. Rob is odd all the way around, he is more strange than funny. Geoff was never very impressive.
    Season two - Gary is great - he makes me laugh everytime, and I didn't expect it, I really thought he'd be one of my least favorites, but I really enjoy his standup. John is equally as good - great presence on stage too. Alonzo was really great until the Gymnast jokes, that was a little creepy than funny........Katleen seems to be getting a bad rap, I'm not sure why people don't like her - I enjoy her stand-up. Tammy should have never gone as far as she did, I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that she is extremely annoying, or the fact that she is not funny. Bonnie seemed to get a bad rap - she was great, but it seemed she was edited to be an outcast from the beginning, if I were her, I probably wouldn't have come back for Season 3 either. Jay was good in the beginning because it was something different, now it's just boring. Corey has no good jokes - I think he has the potential, but it comes out as more ridiculous than funny. Ant can be funny, but he is pretty annoying, so it's a toss up there. Todd dissapoints me - he needs to actually get his act together, and not improvise so much, it seems to hurt him more than help. Although, I think he'd be great for a sitcom.....

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    In No particular order-
    top tier
    Dave, Alonzo, Rich
    2nd tier
    ralphie, jay, john

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    Ralphie, Dave, Alonzo and John Heffron get my votes....

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    From season 1

    Really like:

    Dave (though he seems to be slipping)
    Rich (would not have said this last year)


    Dat (surprising, eh?)


    Rob (don't find him funny)


    Really like:

    Alonzo (always makes me laugh out loud)
    Tammy (hit or miss sometimes, but usually great)


    John (he may go up a notch later in the show)
    Jay (used to be one of my faves, but the material has started to get a little overused even for my taste)
    Jessica (so sue me )
    Corey (my favorite during the auditions)


    Gary (tends to grate on my nerves)
    Todd (tends to grate on my nerves)
    Bonnie (she seems ok, but her material is poor - very, very poor)

    Overall favorite right now: Alonzo.

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    John Heffron
    Rich Vos
    Alonzo Bodden

    I had a mad crush on Dave Mordal until I saw him at a comedy club. His stuff this season is the same as his act, which seems to have been taken from a Rush Limbaugh show. He just rants about how stupid liberals are. That would be OK if the jokes were original and funny, but they're just witless and angry. Very disappointing.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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    Dave Mordal
    Alonzo Bodden
    Kathleen Madigan

    Just because.
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

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    Tammy-I have a huge crush on her, don't ask why
    Alanzo-obviously the funniest
    Gary/Ralphie-The next funniest. I just couldn't choose.

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