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Thread: NBC dropped the ball with LCS3 for me.

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    NBC dropped the ball with LCS3 for me.

    I guess I'm going to have to give up on this show, I liked LCS1/LCS2, but the set up to this show SUCKS. One of the best things about LCS was watching the interactions between the comics, well the latest show you get a good minute of this watching both sides choose teams, instead of that we get to listen to more of Jay M.'s crappy jokes. Then the Stand Up each comic only gets a couple of minutes and most of them are horrible, if these are the funniest people in the world then I'm the King of the World. I have been watching hoping the show would get better and the comics would start pulling out better jokes, but tonight I did not laugh once and I even thought Alonzo was unfunny and he usually gets a little laugh from me. Rants over now time to

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    ah thats too bad. I like this show the best because i liked LCS1 and LCS2 and they just put those two seasons against each other...on the other shows you only got to see like 2 people perform for like a couple minutes..here its ALL comedy and thats what i wanna see, either way I've liked all seasons..but I see where you're coming from

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    i agree about Jay M.'s crappy jokes. one liners just rub me the wrong way. hell, i never thought the guy was ever funny. and the whole 2 minute thing sucks. why they changed it is beyond me.

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    In season 1, most of the humor came from the interaction in the house. Season 2 didn't do as well in the house. I agree, I'd love to see more of the interaction behind the scenes and a format where the comics perform for more than 2 minutes - that doesn't even give me time to get into their routines, so how can they be expected to shine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene
    In season 1, most of the humor came from the interaction in the house. Season 2 didn't do as well in the house.
    I agree completely. Season one the comics’ interaction around the house was so funny. Season two they had to invent things to have them interact, such as the yoga.
    Some of the funniest things from season 2 didn't even come out until the highlights during finales.

    Only so many Jokes one can take, give me more interaction!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StonedCold
    I guess I'm going to have to give up on this show, I liked LCS1/LCS2, but the set up to this show SUCKS.
    I agree with this. I just don't care for the way this show is set up and the way the rules work, it seems very confusing! I also think the interaction between the comics is what makes the show funny. I will continue to watch because I do enjoy the comedy!

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    I love the format...

    No BS just comedy...except for Jay Mohr...like a TV open mike night...

    Loving it!

    Keith S. :{)>

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    Two minutes is not enough, but then again, some of them have done pretty good using only those 2 minutes, like Alonzo and John.
    Maybe if it was 3 or 4 more minutes, but I don't think I can endure that long listening to the bad comics like Rob and Tess.

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    Season 1 was a lot more fun to watch - Dave and Vos in the bathtub, the comics trying to catch the mouse in the kitchen - Vos ironing all the time, the comics pulling pranks on Dat.....it was really funny..........but in Season 2, there was barely any time in the house with the comics being funny - most of it was wasted on Tammy calling Bonnie a whore, or Corey and Ant going at it.........it wasn't funny. They focused more on stand-up, which is what the show is about, but it's supposed to be a mixture of funny things that happen in the house, getting to know the comics, seeing how they interact, and how they do stand-up wise...............
    With LCS 3 - it's all about the stand-up because it's just a competition between Season 1 and Season 2, and so far, it isn't bad.................

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    Okay here goes:

    I also think NBC has dropped the ball, but not for the exact same reasons as the original poster.

    The original show was funny and "cute" in the house, but the standup portions were STILL usually better. Well, assuming you weren't Dat Phan, Tere Joyce, Geoff Brown, Tess, or Sean Kent . Really, at the heart of S1s problem was a casting problem. Half were REALLY funny and half were talentless hacks. The funny people tended to be funny in the house OR on stage, and the unfunny people were only funny when the funny ones made fun of them.

    Season 2, this was even more radical. The house was just SAD and stupid. Even folks like Alonzo, Kathleen and for me at least Jay London--who could be REALLY funny on stage--were just morose and stupid in the house. So you had hacks, mid-tier people like Gary Gulman (who was so celebrated only in comparison to unfunny pussballs like Ant) and a few, very few, REALLY funny people--who generally were only funny on stage.

    Season 3--all standup--should have rocked. But the problems?

    --To many hacks. The presense of people like Ant, Tess, Tere distracts from even the middle tier of comics. You are almost BEGGING for an Alonzo, Dave or Ralphie to come on at times to end your suffering.
    --A fan imbalance from Season 1 and 2, due to Season 2 getting better ratings and the people in it consequently being better known ot an audience who JUST saw them on TV a month earlier.
    --Another fan imblance based on performer "cuteness". Sure its a valid thing to be a fan of someone about... but it's different than comedy.
    --Yes... far too much Jay Mohr. For pity's sake, even he sounds upset about it at times.
    --A hard to follow formula. Add that on top of the fan imbalance due to ratings, and you have a really uneven affair. Sure, the formula means that S2 probably won't win EVERYTHING when the numbers dwindle, but it's going to sure seem like that for a while.

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