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Thread: Who ya voting for?

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    Who ya voting for?


    I didn't think anyone from group one was funny.

    Alonzo was definitely the best tonight, and as usual I liked Gary, and although I don't always find Tammy funny--I loved her bits on Michael Jackson and Donald!

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    I voted for
    Jay London
    Rob Cantrell
    Gary Gulman

    Jay had me laughing, Gary wasn't as funny as he usually is, but I had to support him..and Rob Cantrell had me laughing so hard from his "husslin' house plants" joke!

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    I voted for Rich Vos.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Although I hate to admit this, team 2 is pretty damn funny.

    Alonzo was great, as usual.

    Tammy was funny - her approach to MJ made me nervous at first, but she handled it well - nothing offensive. I think. ? She won't win, but she'll do okay.

    Gary, blah. Enough already.

    Jay London. Funny - some new stuff, but can a person come up with enough of those quips to make a living?

    Ralphie - Very classy starting out with the "thank yous." I'm glad he came out of the 'hood. Great set, and he seemed genuinely happy, not his previous angry self. I vote him "most improved."

    Tess - way too nervous, she talked too fast, and I couldn't understand half of what she said. From what I did hear, the marriage/fighting/bullets flying/divorce schtick is worn out.

    Rob - The only one tonight who made me actually laugh out loud. Wanna buy a fern? And the whitest, west-coastest kid - with his east-coast mannerisms were hilarious.

    Vos - oh, Rich. I'm sorry. He needs to watch last year's shows so he remembers what he used, it's used up. And ruining his joke in the middle of it did not help. I'm afraid we might lose him next week. His shirt was nicely pressed, however. (I guess he and Mordal didn't call each other before coming on stage - they dressed alike...hmmm...)

    I voted strictly for team one, basically for the money. It's their turn. Most of my votes went to Rob, with a few to Ralphie and a couple to Vos. None for Tess.

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    I voted for Vos. I thought he was pretty funny.
    Rob, I thought the house plant thing was stupid.
    Jay L., well the one liners are funny but I got tired of it after a minute.
    I can't stand Ralphie May.
    Tess was ok.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    I thought Tammy's bit about Jackson and Trump were trite. How many times can one hear comments on Donalds hair and Michael's face. It was overly done years ago.

    Jay's tick of starting to repeat a joke as if the audience did not get it is grim, especially when he has to wait until the laughter stops to do so.

    Rob is just not good. He will go next week.

    I gave Ralphie my votes. I enjoyed hearing new material. I know NBC requested some overly used stuff in past performances so it has not been his choice to repeat.

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    I voted for Alonzo, Rich, Gary, and Tammy (via internet)
    Season 2 rocks.

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    No one...I didn't even remember it was on! I saw monday was a repeat in my area, and i thought there'd be two a week now so we saw both groups perform, but I was busy with the Amazing Race. I wanted to keep watching Alonzo, Ralphie and Rob Cantrell, but I don't like to hunt/peck in the listings! Now with the new seasons of everything, there are other things to watch.

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    Haven't voted yet...

    TIVO decided to pick up the Saturday shows on Comedy Central the first week...and we didn't check it until it was too late...then this week we didn't start watching it until later, and by the time we were done the phone voting was closed (for the East Coast), and found out that the internet voting closes earlier this time also...

    Maybe next week...
    Would have voted for Alonzo and Ralphie...and might have given one to Geoff Brown who was much funnier than I remember...we will see if he keeps it up or whether he has burned up his material...

    I also think that Season 1 will start rocking once the dead weight is cast out...

    Keith S. :{)>

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    Alonzo. I really want him to do well. He just seems like such a classy, talented guy. We need more people in entertainment who have a good head on their shoulders and can write.

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