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Thread: 9/7 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Mrs. Pusser
    Things I noticed that I didn't see posted so far. The comics got 2 1/2 minutes tonight which was longer, so the time for each is going up as had been speculated last week.

    Rob's stamp/postcard joke was a repeat. His sets in general have been much weaker than they were last year. Lay off the pot Rob, you're not as funny as you think you are.

    Gary's star wars sheet joke was a repeat. I just love this guys delivery though. I can really see NBC picking him up for sitcom potential more than anyone else out there.

    I think we will say goodbye to Rob and Jay.

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    FORT Fogey
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    I see John, Gary, Tammy and Kathleen as sitcom material.

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    My favorite jokes of the night

    Ralphie - We invented the low rider. Four fat guys in a car. Oops, I dropped my snickers bar. Voop, voop, voop, Hydraulics - HILARious (guess you have to be a fat guy)

    Rob - Just take it, no one's looking, go on, it's cool. - I just found that end part really funny (i guess that you have to have had someone try to sell you something on the street) - the rest of his set was just okay.

    Alonzo was good overall, but not his best to me.
    Gary amused me as always, but nothing too spectacular.
    I thought that Tammy was pretty funny overall - she worked the neighborhood thing which is always good to me.

    My votes go to Raplhie, Alonzo, and Tammy (in that order)

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    I voted six times (two phones, woohoo!) Three went to Vos, two to Alonzo, one to Ralphie. Those were the only three that made me laugh.

    My advice for the other comics from last night:
    Tammy - We get it already. You're Italian - Sicilian even - and you have tough friends. Whoop-dee.
    Tess - You have the most annoying voice in the world, you laugh at your own jokes, and nobody cares how fat & hot you are. Find some new material. And make it funny because last night's wasn't.
    Rob - You used to be funny and sweet. Now you're not funny but you're high. Think about it.
    Gary - Work on delivery and on something topical outside of food.
    Jay - For the love of God, go home. Go home, go home, go home. You are simply not funny and you're taking precious time away from people who are. Go home.
    Blogging away in my LaughAtlantis world...

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    I want Rob to be funny because he was so endearing the first season, but something happened on the way to the forum...

    Alonzo was okay
    Ralphie was okay, but if they have to beep out half of what you say, it's hard to judge how good or how funny the set was
    Tammy just sucks
    Tess can sometimes be funny, but last night she wasn't
    Gary always makes me laugh, I think it's his delivery and the fact that he appears to be having so much fun
    I've addressed Rob
    Jay's act gets old and it's growing mold now
    Vos just makes me laugh, especially when he messed up and starts to mock himself for the gaff

    So my prediction (hope?) is that Tess and Tammy are eliminated. I want to give Rob one more chance to be funny... thank goodness we have Kathleen Madigan to remind us women can also be funny...

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    Just some thoughts from someone who has only seen about four episodes of all three seasons combined (so I'm not sure which jokes are repeats and so forth)....

    From what I have seen before, I remember loving Alonzo, Ralphie, and Dave Mordal. But I tuned in late only to have missed Alonzo and Ralphie and Dave wasn't even on so that bummed me out. I walked in on the tail end of Tammy's set so all I got to see was Tess and everyone after her. Tess was not funny at all, and I was trying to figure out what she was laughing at. Rob had some cute facial expressions with his "selling flowers on the corner" bit, but that didn't make him funny. I smiled a little bit through Gary's set. Rich disappointed me because I remember thinking he was funny in the house in season one (judging by his shirt, he's still an ironing freak) but he was only okay last night. Jay - he makes me chuckle but keeping in mind that I've only seen this show a few times - I heard some of his stuff already. It makes me wonder if he's always a repeat. Looks like from the comments here that I missed the best part of the show (Alonzo and Ralphie).

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    I thought Alonzo was the best of the night. I hope either Jay or Tammy go from season 2 (preferably Jay).

    I thought the season 1 team was just plain weak and Rob needs to go home ASAP. Don't even allow him to wait until next week, just send him home now. I would probably put Rich slightly ahead of Ralphie, with Tess following closely behind the two of them.

    At this rate, season 1 will never win any money.
    Phenomenal woman... that's me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    -Ant reminds us he's gay.
    -Dat reminds us he's Vietnamese and that we all suck because we are racist.
    -Tammy reminds us she's Sicilian (unless her ass gets voted off).
    -Gary gets back to talking to his food (I can't believe he will take a break from that for more than one show).
    -Ralphie reminds us he's fat.
    -Todd reminds us he's manic.
    -Tess reminds us she's "fabulous" (unless her ass gets voted off).
    Rich Vos jokes about "stupid" people.
    I don't care what topic these guys base their sets on, as long as their material is funny to me. These comics are going to stick with what their are familiar with and what has worked for them in the past. Good for them.

    Last night, Season 2 did great. Alonzo, Gary, and Tammy made me laugh. Alonzo wasn't at his best, but he was pretty good. Gary had some cool jokes that weren't about food. Tammy has an annoying voice, but she made me laugh. What the hell is wrong with me? Jay is jay.

    From Season 1, I enjoyed Rich's set the most. Tess isn't funny, and she grates on my nerves when she laughs at her non-jokes. I don't really care for Ralphie. Rob was a mess.

    My rankings for last night.
    Rich Vos

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    Quote Originally Posted by awlshucks
    I'm with you Burn, The ladies seem to be fighting an up hill battle here! nobody gives them credited for being just as funny as the guys with their same LAME jokes! I think TESS was great! FRESH FUNNY AND NEW! I hope she stays around! and now to make sure I'm gonna get on the horn and get her and Tammy some votes!!!!!!!! Help! Burn!!!!!!!!
    I shall! but first go get me a slurpee

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    I liked them all (@the comics),... however I'm feeling more of a connection with the writers in this forum. I have found them to be hilarious and nitpicky to a "t" and have enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and views and snarls. I really needed a pick-me-up and you guys really came through for me!!!
    It's a sad feeling when the comics aren't as funny as the people who are writing about them!

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