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Thread: 9/7 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    has anyone done the math of how many more bad routines we have to sit through before all the bad comics get voted off?

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    Coming up on future LCS shows:

    -Ant reminds us he's gay.
    -Dat reminds us he's Vietnamese and that we all suck because we are racist.
    -Tammy reminds us she's Sicilian (unless her ass gets voted off).
    -Gary gets back to talking to his food (I can't believe he will take a break from that for more than one show).
    -Ralphie reminds us he's fat.
    -Todd reminds us he's manic.
    -Tess reminds us she's "fabulous" (unless her ass gets voted off).
    And much much more!

    has anyone done the math of how many more bad routines we have to sit through before all the bad comics get voted off?
    Yes, that number is known as "too many".
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    I thought that Alonzo and Alonzo were the best of the night. I personally thin k this was one of the worst Tammy sets, even though I love her. What the hell was she thinking?

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    What are the numbers for each comic?

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    Wow, I loved Tammy tonight. If I hadn't been too late to vote online...again... my votes would have split between her and Ralphie May, who FINALLY made me laugh.

    Mildly disappointed that there was no performance from Dave tonight...but at least it'll leave something to look forward to next week.

    Kathleen in the bottom two? Unbelievable. I thought she was fabulous last week. At least she lives to fight another day.
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    Well... at least Kathleen didn't go.That scare will probably keep her safe next week, too. So it'll be good for her in the long run.

    I'm going to throw about 3 votes Tess' way, just to make sure that Rob goes... I mean, Tess was kinda mediocre, but Rob... it kinda sounded like he was on some kind of illegal substances. Just not a good set, not at all

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    Guess I'm in the minority, but tonight I thought Jay London walked away with the night's top performance! He even soared past Alonzo, who has been my favorite! However, I placed Alonzo second and gave those two all my votes, approx. 3:1!

    I was amazed that I found Tammy funny for the first time, tonight, and even can give a point to Gary G., who I normally dislike intensely. No votes, though.

    Tess, who I've enjoyed before tonight, was, I thought, not at her best at all. Rob.C. was enjoyable, and never having heard it before, liked the "inner older man" and thought it cute.

    Rich Vos was pretty good, too. Ralphie, on the other hand, was the least funny of the night, for me.

    I was glad Corey was the choice to go tonight, but shocked at Kathleen being there. Her set on GW was so right on the money, so funny. Hope this keeps her safe! I was surprised it was Tere going, though, as I thought others from that season were definitely worse last week - namely Rob C. & Geoff.

    I'll definitely look forward to seeing the results of tonight's show.
    Jay and Alonzo still Top 2, for me, and going strong!

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    For the person who asked, hope this helps as there's only about 15 min. left, but the numbers are:

    1) Alonzo - 1-866-FUNNY- 91
    2) Ralphie May - 1 -866- FUNNY - 92
    3) Tammy - " " " - 93
    4) Tess - " " " - 94
    5) Gary G. - " " " - 95
    6) Rob C. - " " " - 96
    7) Jay London - " " " - 97
    8) Rich Vos - " " " - 98

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    Alonzo is a very funny man!

    Tess is just sad! :phhht

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    Oh thank God Kathleen is safe!!! I even checked here early because I was so scared!!! Thank you!!

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