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Thread: John Heffron-Season 2

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    I went to a comedy club for the first time ever this past weekend and it was to one of his shows in Denver. He's so funny and if possible, he's gotten cuter! The only joke he made from LCS was the teasing the dog with the christmas wrapping tube...the crowd loved it.

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    Heffron was my favorite and is such a cutie...

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    ^ Aw, thats a nice picture.

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    Saw John Heffron last night in Royal Oak, MI (near Detroit). I was laughing so hard it hurt. He spent a long time comparing being 21 to being 36, and then talking about being married.

    He said he was going to be on LCS for the last show along with Alonzo, Jay and Dhat Phan. He was making some comments about Jay, as I'm far older then 36, I'm having trouble with my memory, did he and Jay not get along or was this just a bit of good natured baiting?
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