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Thread: Rob Cantrell-Season 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIMguy
    To me he is Bobert, with the pet Fronkeys. Damn, I still laugh thinking about his colon/semicolon comparison. His humor cracks me up.

    Thank you for reminding me about "Bobert!" I had completely forgotten about that. I agree that Rob seems different from last year, but I still really enjoyed his stand-up. I can't see him winning the competition, but I hope he sticks around longer this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pudman13
    I'm not sure if "grew up" is it...the "later, bitch" joke was pretty childish if you ask me. He certainly lost whatever it was that I liked about him--his quirkiness. now he's just another annoying angry comedian. I was very disappointed. He's the one I had the highest hopes for.
    yeah, I was really looking forward to seeing him perform just to see how he has progressed as a comic and I felt a little let down. He really did a complete 180 degree turn from his LCS1 days and it just came of as kind of crude and didnt' really suit him very well. He talked about having sex missionary style, kicking people in the nuts, and calling his ex a bitch. Maybe he's trying to re-invent himself. Who knows. It's his career and he can do what he wants. He needs to remember, though, there is a reason he made the house on season 1. I'm all for taking risks, but when there is over half a million dollars at stake you don't want to be too risky. Anyway, I didn't vote for him. Honestly, I wouldn't have voted for him even if he was the same old Rob. There are a lot of other higher quality comics in the competition than him. But that is my opinion. My vote went to Kathleen.

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    ya i remember last year he was a bit more calmer and childish..something you can relate to. I was awaiting his performance, but when he performed I didn't really like his joke about "missionary style"...if he does stay around longer I really hope he goes back to his cleaner, innocent jokes!

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    aw i was sad to see Rob go earlier this week. I found him halarious in his last performance...probably others were funnier to the public, but his "husslin house plants" joke had me laughing too hard..."psst..you want a fern" PRICELESS..i hope he continues to find success..GO ROB!

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