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Thread: Ralphie May-Season 1

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    ...and didn't we beat this horse to death last year?

    ...no need to go through this all again, right?


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    I'd hope that most people here would not believe such an unsubstantiated claim... alsandkls, you shouldn't post things like this unless you have absolute proof of it, and I bet there is none.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralphie May
    I do not steal, and I also have been doing standup comedy for 15 years and my reputation is impeccable. While the comedian in questions is not. These are bold and reckless accusations from a desperate comedian that doesn't have much going on. And the bit in question I have on tape from 1994 in Toronto, if you or Mr. Mencia have any evidence older than that I'll be happy to resend my comments. And by the way thats not even his real name his real name is Ned Holtz, yep he's not even Mexican.

    Ralphie May
    well that just sad lol...he is not even mexican

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    Ok I'm trippin... Ralphie you actually get on here and read this stuff. Ok so I will totally retract my statement if it is true. But you might want to talk to the boys at the Dawg House on wild 94.9 made a big ass deal about it on the talk show the day before yesterday. And your supposed to be performing at there comedy jam. That's kinda jacked up don't you think? So I am going to edit my title.. Really I just posted this becuase I was so curious if it's true. I am a total fan of Last Comic Standing, and I think your hilarious. So My apologies, if I was wrong!

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    Thanks for responding, Ralphie. See, this is the crap you have to put up with when you become famous.

    Enjoyed your last performance on LCS3, btw.
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    Ok so aparantly i can't erase of change my message from earlier, I am sorry that I jumped the gun and said something. I was just shocked and looking to find out if it was true. I am sorry. ... Also I send my condolences, regarding the death of your father. That was heartbreaking to see you on tv the other night.

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    Here is the link to the site -------> WILD 94.9

    If it's true that they said that Ralphy, I'd be bent out of shape if I were you. I say send an email to them, asking if the allegations were said over the air about you stealing..
    then bust some balls if it's true.

    This is pretty funny too.. click ----> HERE
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    Ok can I just say one more thing.. Ralphie, if you go to the show and confront them... I would buy a ticket for that reason alone!!!! I heard you go on before carlos's set anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alsandkls
    I heard you go on before carlos's set anyway!
    Well then I guess "Carlos" will have to look for some new material. He won't be able to do the stolen bit on that particular night anyway.

    It's odd that the guy changed his name to sound Mexican, but I might consider it myself if I was named Ned.

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    true and not suprising

    that doesn't suprise me, with him being unfunny to me and all. getting to the finals because of pity votes is what ralphie's best known for
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