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Thread: Ads already running for LCS3...

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    Ads already running for LCS3...

    ...so where's the new message board?

    If you've watched the Olympics--and since they're on 30% of the cable stations in North America, I'm guessing you've bumped into the Olympics coverage at some point in time...you may have seen ads for LCS3.

    Looks like the teams get season specific sweatshirts. Well, that explains where the money from the show's budget that would have gone into building and outfitting the house is going.

    All I saw from the footage from the ad were antics of Dave Mordal, Rich Vos and Cory Kahaney...which, to be quite honest, is what I'm looking forward to, anyway... I'm not certain if that was Olympic advertising specific footage or actual clips from the show.

    If we had a LCS3 message board, I could ask... Instead, I'm going to pretend that this is news and hopes that someone bumps into it.


    My apologies to John if that's breaking the rules...no malice intended.

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    As soon as NBC gets some official LCS3 info together, we'll have a forum for it.

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