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Thread: Will the real Jay Mohr please stand up: The LCS host thread

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    Will the real Jay Mohr please stand up: The LCS host thread

    I've been about as hard on Jay Mohr as about anyone on this board. I'll cut on his line reading of the intros, I'll wince at the mini-sets he does at the live venues, and I'll even talk about his many hidden connections (like a common manager) to some of the other contestants.

    But in truth, I don't hate the guy. Far from it.

    I've seen and heard him be funny in the past in other venues. And while I may not like the web of conflicting obligations he has as producer, it's realistic that a working comic trying to be a producer would have such common ties with other comics.

    So I thought it would be nice to have a place to talk about the paradox that is Jay Mohr. Is he just SO inappropriate for crappy network TV when he's actually doing his prime material that he just looks bad in comparison on LCS? Is the host job of LCS a thankless task that ANYONE would look bad doing? Or am I personally full of crap and is he great on LCS?

    Who else could we see as host if the franchise ever changed? What could this other person (or even Jay himself) do differently as host?

    etc. etc. etc.

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    Well, I don't know. I just don't like him; he seems sleazy to me. As I wrote once before, I wouldn't believe him if his tongue came notarized.

    I've never seen him perform in person, so I can't speak to that, but I do find him excruciatingly NOT funny on the NFL pregame shows. Some of the athletes have a beter sense of humor.

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    Krom - here in NY Jay was often a regular on the previously-defunct-Opie-&-Anthony-show-now-on-XM-satellite-radio-that-Jim-Norton's-shirt-so-convienently-mentioned. He was funny, raw and quick-witted. I do believe that network TV limits not only the short amount of time they let him talk, but subject matter as well. It is obvious from other threads that NBC (and I'm sure other non-cable networks) have to clear the material.

    I don't always think that dirtier is funnier, because Brian Regan is one of my most favorite comedians, and I don't think he mutters the word hell in his sets. But with Jay Mohr, he has a sick sense of humor, best able coming across in an uncensored enviroment. I've never seen him live, but hearing him live and off the cuff on the radio in a casual setting, I realized that he is a funny man and quite enjoyable. And very quick. I like that in a comedian.

    As for a successor if he chooses not to host at some point (and because LCS is his brainchild, I can't see that happening), you would have to have someone that is tame or can be tamed, but goofy enough to keep you viewing. I can't even think of anyone at this moment, because nobody I can think of can be one thing one day and totally tame on network TV the next without ruining his/her reputation.
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    I have seen Jay Mohr live and he is very good. Usually R rated but, funny. If he werent the exec producer of LCS I would say someone else is righting his "lines" beacuse I have yet to hear him say anything remotely funny. I dont think he needs to step down as emcee but he definitely needs to either just do the "Ryan Seacrest thing" OR have some funny bits.

    Not funny but, he was great in Suicide Kings

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