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Thread: It Won't Take Scooby-Doo: Jokes you'd HATE to see repeated in LCS3

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    It Won't Take Scooby-Doo: Jokes you'd HATE to see repeated in LCS3

    Premise the first: We hate repeated material here...

    Question the first: Does America agree with us?

    -In my mind, if America DOES then the LCS2 people are at a disadvantage. Even though LCS2, minus the finale, was taped quite some time ago, it's still less likely that they have new material.

    Premise the second: Sometimes familiarity breeds acceptance instead of contempt.

    Question the second: Will the fact that the LCS2 people have been on TV more RECENTLY help them? Or will nostalgia set in and help the LCS1 people? Where's the line here?

    -Frankly I don't even have a theory here--especially if we are talking about casts as a concrete group. Mordal, Vos and May could stand taller in our memories, but that kind of luster can ALSO cause dissapointment if they don't live up to the memory.


    So, in addition to dicussing the PARTICULAR jokes we are going to hate hearing repeated, there's also fodder here, I think, to talk about the effects of the types of exposure each cast had and how it may or may not work for or against them in the new show.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    I never saw LCS1 so everything that bunch does will be new to me.

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    I am hoping very much Bonnie has a much better routine this time around after her stink on the first h2h and wildcard. I don't care if some old material is repeated but they better not use all their time on stage giving us what we've already heard.

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    Tammy's Sicilian jokes
    Gary's cookie jokes
    Jay Mohr's.....um, 90% of his jokes

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    Ant and has San Francisco/Scooby Doo jokes is annoying now
    Tammy's sicillian jokes
    Jay London's third guy from the right on the evolutinary chart
    Most of Bonnie's jokes

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    Answer the first:


    Answer the second:

    LCS1 people have a distinct advantage, simply because they are FUNNY (well, some of them anyway)

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    the women in part 2 are much much better. Alonzo, John and Gary dont match up better than Ralphie, Dat , and Vos. Im strictly using the final 3 as comparisons. I think as a house in general part 2 is a funnier house. Ant, and Bonnie will go quickly but other than that a slew of season 1 comics will go down. Final 6 I have looking like this

    Alonzo, Gary and John possibly Kathleen vs Ralphie, Vos, and Mordal. No way in hell dat makes it in to a top 3 again. His new material sucks and his old material is sooooo old. He thinks he is too frickin cool now. Nobody is gonna buy the hard luck story anymore
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    I wouldn't mind hearing any of Mordal's jokes again. He was my favorite on LCS1.

    I just hope that Ant realized that comedy DOES stretch beyond him and his homosexuality. There ARE better things to joke about. Don't waste my time again, Ant.

    Jay London seems to be a spitfire of new material, sometimes falling back on the "crowd favorites."

    I like Gary's cookie jokes.

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    If Dat mentions his mother again I'll... who am I kidding? Will I really turn it off or just tune him out?

    If Tammy mentions Sicily again, Ant being Gay, Gary his cookies, Bonnie sleeping around a lot, Ralphie the phrase "bitch ass punk"... what am I gonna do? Nothing. I know it.

    The thing is I'm sure the season 1 people will feel "fresher" no matter what. Yes, even Tess and Terri Whatsername, if she's around, as hard as that is to believe. The Season 2 people might have had an aura of comfort--of familiarity--except that really unfortunately for them they exhibited all the warmth of an industrial freezer. There's no affection for these people the way there is for the Vos-Mordal shenanigans, or even for poor pitiful Dat. The only "fun" people in the LCS2 house were Todd and Bonnie, and they got booted--so the house seemed like a crypt afterwards. Even Ant--who provided drama along with his headaches--was a loss of sorts, because then the house didn't even have drama queening.

    Now subtract the house from the equation going forward. Even still, the past antics will affect how we feel.

    Of course, if ratings were noticeably better for LCS2 than LCS1 that could be negated. At that point, it would be basically a group of strangers vs. the somewhat boring LCS2 people--so it would be about a draw in terms of affection then.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    JMO... Never want to see Terri from LCS1 again...ever...anywhere.

    Think Ralphie is funny but John Heffron AND Alonso?? Ralphie cant take them both...

    Todd Glass, if he can slooooow waaaay dowwwn in his delivery, he's very good

    Kathleen Madigan is good. I didnt think so on LCS but in person...hysterical.

    I think LCS2 will win. JMO.

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