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Thread: It Won't Take Scooby-Doo: Jokes you'd HATE to see repeated in LCS3

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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie727
    I never saw LCS1 so everything that bunch does will be new to me.
    me too.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    Jay London saying:

    Let me move over here.
    It's almost over, ma'am.
    Thank you.
    You'll never see me again.

    (I also don't like his repeating his joke right after he said it)

    Tammy's "two twin" uncles joke. Two twins is redundant. That's like saying three triplets.

    And ANYTHING Ant has to say. Can't stand the guy.

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    I share the same opinion of Marley.

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    Tammy- Sicillian jokes

    Gary- If he repeats his milkman joke, Cookie jokes are ok with me though

    Ant- I actually like his material...

    Alonzo- Anything to do with dogs watching you while you're having sex

    Corey- Anything to do with your wife goes to work while you stay home and play playstation

    Todd- I don't think he's repeated anything yet...Guy's more funnier in the house then on stage though

    Bonnie- Anorexic joke

    John Heffron- I wouldn't mind any of his stuff repeated

    Jay London- Between joke antics..Repeating the joke..I dont like any of his stuff except the ones that actually makes sense.i.e. "people read me but dont subscribe"

    Kathleen Madigan- same as Heffron

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    - Ant telling us that hes gay (does he seriously think we don't know hes gay by now?)

    - Ralphie telling us that hes white but grew up in the hood (fat white guy trying to act black, wow thats really funny)

    - Dat that hes Asian and his mom has that voice (ok your Asian, we get the point)

    I take time to go to the bathroom or check to see whats on the other channels whenever these 3 are on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marley
    Jay London saying:

    Let me move over here.
    It's almost over, ma'am.
    Thank you.
    You'll never see me again.
    Alas, Jay simply needs to be a little more reserved about when he does the self-depricating humor. The large majority of his one-liners DID get good laughs. It's a little hollow to say, "It's almost over, ma'am", when most people actually enjoyed the joke.

    Johnny Carson was the master of recovering from a flopped joke. I think I even heard that he purposely put flops into his routine so that he could "recover".

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    I really really mind if these people repeated their lines :

    - Jay : "This is death", "it's almost over"

    -Tammy : "I am sicillian, not all sicillians are mafias...some of them are in prison" and the rest of her sicillian family jokes that aren't funny

    - Corey : anything with girls that for me not funny kind of boring

    - John : anything with his wife boring

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    Since those are more transitions than actual jokes, he just needs to learn to manage them. I mean did anyone ever REALLY get tired of Don Rickles calling people "Hockey Pucks"?

    Henny Youngman--about as "old school" as possible--said "take my wife please". George Burns waved his cigar around. Rodney Dangerfield of course had "I don't get no respect". These aren't real punchlines, but trademarks. What Jay needs to do is pace. Pacing is everything, so you don't wear out the welcome of the trademark phrase or gesture.

    It's different from, let's say, Ant's "Scooby Doo" joke because that joke requires an elaborate setup, as well as a whole portion of Ant's set devoted to a subject (Ant being gay). A SUCCESSFUL trademark is just a moment--an attention focuser.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    i'm guessing lcs2 will beat lcs1.
    lcs2 had one light-weight that was disliked by people in the house and the home viewers....lcs1 definitely had more than that.

    lcs1 had two people that were way above the rest: ralphie and dave mordal
    rich voss and tess may have a couple of fans, but were far below ralphie and dave....others in lcs1 aren't even worth mentioning....oh yeah...i did like rob....like the heffron of lcs1

    lcs2 had about 6 people that were liked by the other comedians in the house and/or the home audience: Gary, tammy, todd, kathleen, alonzo, john......with alonzo and john in the top 2....and corey holcomb had some good stuff, he probably lost a lot of votes by losing the female vote.

    so lcs2 has better comedians than lcs1.....and ralphie may lose some votes to alonzo and corey since watching a big white guy acting black may not measure up to the real deal jokes about being black in da hood from corey and alonzo...i think it was geoff (the black comedian from lcs1) in lcs1.....he was just awful.....no way the combo of corey and alonzo loses to ralphie and geoff

    guess it depends on how they do the matchups....maybe the house nominates who they want to go against each other....hard to figure out what would be the fair way to do matchups....lcs1 could put ralphie up a couple of times and lcs2 could toss out bonnie and ant just to make ralphie burn through some material
    guess we'll have to wait
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    One joke? Todd saying he was kicked in the uterus; he's funny but I don't see anything REMOTELY funny about that joke.

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