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Thread: John Heffron on Jay Leno

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahgirl
    He also said that he forgot his dress shoes and Leno offered him his shoes but John didn't like them said they were too pointy.
    The funny thing would have been to go barefoot -- Jay London would have if he had forgotten his dress shoes.

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    I did like the discussion about Jay's shoes being "too pointy" and Leno's response that it was because he's Italian. Goes to show that Leno still has his stand-up comedian quick reflexes for humor. John did fine, but I gave him a lot of slack about re-using material just because I know he has to save stuff for LCS3. He should work on a couple of less formal "stories" than real jokes that he can tell in a humorous way (even if they don't have a punch line) for him to tell when he's on talk shows. I'm sure there was something bizarro that happened in the house, with the wife, driving his car, etc. that could make for an amusing story or two.
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    my wife and i were a little disappointed in the old material on leno....but the lcs1 guys have had a year to get new material together.....gotta save new material for the home audience since they hate old material the most in head-to-heads

    we voted for john....seems like a nice guy, and i remember what it was like living in the cold parts of the U.S. so i found his stories funny

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    I didn't see the Leno show, but it doesn't seem reasonable for us to expect that John would have new stuff in one day. He saw the card and knew he was the winner about, what?, 24hours before being on Leno. I've done some singing, and in a pinch like that, you never try a new song--always go back to one you know well and have sung a million times, regardless of who's seen it before. It's got to be the same with stand-up. Especially if he was petrified, as it seems he was. He was smart to use material he knew well that has been successful in the past.

    Sounds like the couch part wasn't very spontaneous. Maybe he'll get better with that after a few interviews.

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