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Thread: Ralphie and Dat..is it just me?

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    Hey Ralphie,

    I think people were dissappointed with the Jizzack in B ox only because it is the one joke from last year that got replayed on all the commercials as well so it seems like REALLY repeated material. As for your set, you did seem a little off with your energy, but I thought that you still came off good. The pearl joke was the funniest part of the set. Dumb dumb or Seabuiscuit was good, but was a little over shadowed with its placement. It sucks for NBC to rile you up like that before your set. That's never good for any type of performer.

    To me, you are hilarious...for the person who said you need to live in the ghetto to understand them, i have no response. Maybe you simply need to get out of the house and stop watching TLC for a minute (damn).

    On the weight loss, you could totally tell, especially in your face (and you weren't sweating as much this go around). keep up the good work. You could even go one of those fat man to skinny man routines like John Popper (scary thought of a stick thin Raphie -you're a hustler baby!)

    Anyway, can't wait to see you face off in the next season with Alonzo and Heff.

    p.s. After I posted I went to your website to see if you are coming to Tampa any time soon (you are not, but you should book it around you March 05 trip to Florida) and that is the scariest intro I have ever seen. That picture will haunt me for the next 50 years. thank you for destroying my hopes and dreams.
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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    What kind of age difference could there be? Aren't they both about 32?

    no idea....rob just seems younger in the way he acts and his delivery, but i think they are similar in some strange way....liked rob last season (dave mordal was my favorite), but heffron is better

    props to ralphie on the weight loss.
    very unprofessional of nbc yanking you around, but not surprising
    maybe the top 3 from lcs1 should write some extra material for the 4 that suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    I'm kinda with you Iluvmyrott. I thought both performers had an off night. Ralphie to me is the better writer, while Dat is a better performer.
    Dat Phan reminds me of something eddie Murphy said about Michael Jackson. Everybody talks about how bad he is...then they go crazy when he comes out on stage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADKLove
    I agree, but Dave Mordal - now he would kick some @$$
    I agree with you!

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