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Thread: Ralphie and Dat..is it just me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Pappy?
    Ralphie and Dat were both pathetically unfunny. I have no doubt Alonzo, Heffron, and even Gary would smoke them in a head-to-head.

    Ralphie is not funny at all to me and he gets annoying real quick. Same thing with Dat and his Vietnamese/Asian voice he always does.

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    Dat Phan was not funny to me. His pay phone joke thing was not funny...

    Ralphie, however, I thought was hilarious. But it seemed like he was rushing everything and at the end he was yelling over the crowd which made it bad...

    but I can relate to alot of Ralphies material...You just have to be in the "hood" at one of these jizacks in the bioxes...I could picture myself driving up to the one close to my house....lol..

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    Quote Originally Posted by senrik
    Maybe its me, but I just didn't find the whole set of ghetto jokes to be particularly funny (well, except the joint in the pocket thing).
    No, it's not just you. I don't find ghetto humor to be funny either. Maybe you just have to live there to "get" the humor. As for the joint routine, it didn't make any sense. Wouldn't the mugger just take the joint AND your wallet? Again, since I don't live in the ghetto, maybe I just don't understand the code of conduct.

    As for Dat...... Was it me, or was it all based on the minute walk-on roles he has gotten in the last year..... YES Dat, I got it the first time, you don't have to beat it down my throat.....
    I suppose people write about what they know. If Dat has been getting bit parts for the last year, it makes sense that that's what he'd write about. I think his routines would have been a lot better if he had set up the jokes properly. I had no idea what he meant when he said he was in cellular.

    Alonzo and Gary were much funnier.....
    Definitely. Maybe Gary will have some new cookie jokes when he starts the third season. "Chips Ahoy" and "ELFudge" both seem to have some potential humor left.

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    i'd bet on lcs2 winning over lcs1

    rob and dave mordal were my favorites from lcs1, ralphie is good but his act is geared towards people who can appreciate his 'ghetto humor from a white guy' style

    lcs1 seemed to have many comedians that really would have had no chance of making it to the house in lcs2.....maybe 2 or 3 lcs1 comedians would have made it into the house at lcs2

    alonzo and corey will take away a huge chunk of ralphie's fan base in the voting.
    dave mordal and rob should have some good new material. rob seems like a younger heffron, maybe heffron should do some his 'from the future' guy jokes for rob

    depending on how they do the matchups, lcs2 could destroy lcs1.....i wouldn't be surprised if nbc throws in some 'twists' as needed to level the playing field between lcs1 and lcs2.......lcs1 has a handicap

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    Ralphie May
    Wow. I thought that a standing O in the middle of my set was pretty damn good, seeing how none of the performers from this year could or did that. I guess that doesn't count. I also don't understand how I could be perceived to be "cocky" by doing material and saying I voted for Alonzo, that's all I did.

    Now to those of you that saw I was off, well you are entirely correct, I was. NBC was yelling at me before I went on, literally while my package of last year was being shown to the audience. They wanted me to change my shirt, the Team USA jersey, and do jokes other than what I had already had approved. Finally Peter Engel made them shut up and for me to go out and do the show so thats what I did as best as I could with what NBC let me have. It was very unprofessional of NBC to do that to any performer.

    Now I would like to say something to all my detractors; underestimate me, everyone always has. I'll bring you new jokes or as much as the network will allow. And for the record I performed the Dangerous part of Los Angeles through the Jizzack up in the B ox only once last year, I never repeated a joke last year. Name a comic from the final three of this year that you can say never repeated a joke, cause they all did.

    Please as a promise to you here, if you come to a club and leave with a bad taste in your mouth about my comedy, I'll refund your ticket back to you.

    Ralphie May

    PS I hadn't even gone to Iraq last year how could that be the same jokes? And nobody liked the I don't care who you vote for this year Dumb Dumb or Sea Biscuit, I love that joke. Again, I am amazed at how different the club and studio audience is different to that of home viewing audience.

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    Ralphie May
    Oh by the way to date I have lost 168 pounds. I had gastric bypass last November. I also use a trainer and a nutritionalist, thank you NBC. I am glad some of you noticed, its not been easy.

    Ralphie May

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    Nice going Ralphie. I know it can't be easy.

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    I'm a tad confused. Maybe I wasn't watching the same show....but did someone say Dat had some new material? Hmmmm....I must have blinked.

    I liked Ralphie's set this year much more than anything he did last year. I think this year's experience did him a lot of good. He seemed less "agitated" and much more relaxed. Right on for the weight loss Ralphie!

    btw: Depending on where that pearl is forming right now.... maybe you could auction it off on ebay and make yourself a bundle of cash!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralphie May
    Again, I am amazed at how different the club and studio audience is different to that of home viewing audience.
    Hi Ralphie--Thanks for telling us all that. Does your quote above mean that you're using the comments on this board as a reflection of the tv audience as a whole? I guess it's better than nothing if you're wondering what the people at home are thinking, but to me, I see general sentiment on many shows that seems way off what the average person may be thinking.

    Wow--168. That's amazing. Really. Just magnificent. Best of luck with that. How are you feeling? Do you feel better? I ask because, and it's on a different scale I know, but I always thought that if I gained a pack of weight I'd feel unhealthy. Then I gained about 60 pounds with a pregnancy and then was in a car accident and confined to a wheelchair for over a year. Am fine now, but have lived at about 50 pounds overweight for a couple of years, and I am surprised that I definitely have clothes/appearance issues, but overall I don't feel less healthy just because of carrying extra weight. So I'm wondering with such a terrific weight loss that you've achieved and are working on, is some of your motivation based on the fact that you know from medical science that the weight loss is a great health advantage to you, or do you actually feel healthier (or both)?

    Re: NBC bugging you right before you went on--that seems absolutely crazy from a production point of view. A performer is just going to screw up with a substantive last-minute change. I don't think that they should try to influence anyone when it's closer than a few hours before showtime, except maybe for simple blocking for lighting or sound considerations--things like that. What was the problem they had with your shirt? Team USA?--seems hard to complain about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jer2911
    rob seems like a younger heffron . . .
    What kind of age difference could there be? Aren't they both about 32?

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