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Thread: Ralphie and Dat..is it just me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Pappy?
    Ralphie and Dat were both pathetically unfunny. I have no doubt Alonzo, Heffron, and even Gary would smoke them in a head-to-head.

    Word times infinity to that.

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    I agree that Dat and Ralphie were just not as funny as *some* of the final three this time around.

    Maybe its me, but I just didn't find the whole set of ghetto jokes to be particularly funny (well, except the joint in the pocket thing).

    As for Dat...... Was it me, or was it all based on the minute walk-on roles he has gotten in the last year..... YES Dat, I got it the first time, you don't have to beat it down my throat.....

    Alonzo and Gary were much funnier..... Funny how things go though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADKLove
    I agree, but Dave Mordal - now he would kick some @$$

    Darn right he would. Can hardly wait for next season now.
    Go Dave!!!

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    Strange thing...

    Ralphie said that NBC wanted him to repeat material from last year...but it seemed like most of Dat's stuff was new (not funny, but new)...The big knock on Dat was that he repeated too much stuff...and he does new stuff...Ralphie was always fresh...and they make him repeat old stuff...and make him go before Dat...is this more NBC manipulation?

    Don't want to seem like a Ralphie apologist...he definitely was a little off...he was funnier last year and on the Tonight show...

    Keith S. :{)>

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    Just speculating here, Blackbeard, but the new stuff Ralphie wanted to do might have been too edgy, or something, for NBC's taste.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Yeah.. they weren't that funny last night. The only joke I liked was the "joint in the pocket" one. What's even funnier about that joke..is I think it might even work!!

    Dat Phan WAS dropping sitcom/movie/interview/whatever else appearances WAYYYyyy too much. It was quite annoying.

    Dave Mordal is my all-time favorite from last season..definitely funny as hell!

    Didn't Ralphy's material last year gear more toward "political"? If I'm remembering correctly, it did. A lot of Bush cracks if I remember right.
    So..with that in mind.. I'm wondering if, with the heated debates/elections/campaigning/etc going on, maybe his material would have caused too much of a ruckus for the viewers and audience.
    Heck, look at what they did to Linda Ronstadt (sp?) when she simply dedicated a song to Michael Moore?
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    I can't wait to see the new season.I watched both seasons and I think this 2nd season was a lot funnier.Last season had a lot of funny comics though I enjoyed Ralphie I thought he was a riot especially the bit where he goes to the drive through and I can't wait to see his new material.Dat I actually liked except the asian jokes did get old after a while my favorite was the riceball jokes and the one where he says he doesn't stalk people and yell trees,cars,house etc.I liked Ant a lot more the first then I did the second season seeing him in the house in all.Tess I thought was very charasmatic and funny but a tad cocky and I liked Corey Cahaney to a point.Geoff I didn't like and I didn't like Dave either and thought Tere and Sean got very unfunny after entering the house.The second season my favorites were Bonnie and Todd and was dissapointed to see them go 1st and 2nd they were both funny and I think Bonnie is very smart.Ant I enjoyed some of his stuff but his attitude really turned me off I think his best bit was the head to head where he lost with him being the flight attendant and all.Alonso I started off not liking but really liked in the end.John Heffron was really funny I liked his jokes there were fresh and he didn't use the ethic stereotypes like some of the other comics.Kathleen I don't know she seemed like a nice person but I didn't find her hysterical or anything.Tammy was really funny although again with all the Sicilian jokes.Corey Ididn't like at all I hated his bits about the ghettoness of himself and he was so conceited.Gary I thought was funny too.Jay I didn't get at all and boy does he need a haircut.I think this 3rd season battle of the best will be really good I can't wait to see the comics but heads.

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    From last season I liked Dave, Dat, Cory, and Rob.
    From this season I liked John, Gary, Tammy, sometimes Alonzo, (his best was at the Friar's club).

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    They both sucked last night, lcs3 is going to rule though ...

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    Ralphie- He seem really tired to me, like he couldn't catch his breath or something.

    Dat- Give him a break, he only repeated his bathroom thing, his new stuff was pretty funny though..especially his west wing bit...

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