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Thread: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    How to win LCS3....weep on camera

    Well, I totally forgot about the finals of LSC2 and only caught the last 5 minutes, basically just in time to see Jay say, "Jons your Last Comic Standing, Goodnight!" Granted I called Gary, but I also said Jon could pull an upset and take it.

    Why? He cried. When he beat bonnie, he was clearly devastated, not elated. That bought a lot of sympathy points from the home viewer. Then he told off the coalition and gained more points. Coupled with his genuine talent and "cuteness", he got it. Last year Dat cried talking about his impovershed upbringing and he got it as well.

    Sure, there were a few more tears shed on the show. Tammy cried because her dad had a heart attack or indigestion or something. Ant cried cause he almost got his ass kicked on national tv. But both their tear points were nullified by their scheming and back stabbing.

    So to the contestants of LSC3 and beyond. Cry. Cry well, and don't backstab and you could win it all. Sigh......sob.

    And what would that sound like DAG?

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    John felt bad. He cried. Tammy's father was seriously ill. *She* cried. Whether we like it or not, this show is being discussed here because it is a REALITY show. #$!! happens in real life and sometimes it's hard to keep it all inside. John's and Tammy's reactions were shared with the country because it was all put on camera for a TV show.

    John is a bigger, more mature man in my eyes because he showed how much he respected his friend (and friendship with) Bonnie. And what was Tammy supposed to do? Put on a happy face as if her father had nothing more serious than a hang nail?

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    Oh, pleeeease! John won because he is a talented, not because he cried. :rolleyes

    I don't know about anybody esle, but I don't think any of these comics are robots, so they will show their feelings when they are sad, hurt, happy, etc.

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    Dont Forget Gary Gulman

    Gary cried when he beat Jay London. I think that all of the comics in some fashion respect their piers and to compete against then in a competition type environment puts a new spin on there already existing friendship.

    Comedy is a small world and I think that viewers have taken notice that everyone seemed to know everyone before they even got into the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbeard
    Seems like during the commercial John and his wife went at it right on the stage in front of the live audience and his wife's husky...when she began screaming...he flipped her over to keep the dog from attacking...the audience was really cheering them on...but they were slightly embarassed after the cameras came back on and barely held hands...

    Keith S. :{)>
    Were you there for this? And was the husky dog allowed in the theater?
    OH ... uh ... were they fighting or, uh, absolutely NOT fighting ??
    'Cause up until just now I thought you meant that they had a blazing fight.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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