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Thread: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I voted for Alonzo so I'm a bit disappointed. I like John but he's so hyper. I guess that makes him a crowd favorite. Also, I thought Gary had a good set. Frankly, the finals was a good show.

    Scout--Re: John and his wife--I didn't see it, but there was a huge commercial break immediately after the announcement. Maybe John snuggled with his wife a bit then. Or maybe it's just not his way. I don't think it means anything.

    Re: Alonzo's three minutes on last night's show--I guess he got some criticism and wanted to address it. He was funny, and good for him for saying what he wanted to say, but I also didn't think it was necessary. The only thing in the entire LCS2 run that, in my view, Alonzo maybe should have rethought was claiming that he was a prisoner on a work program on the tour bus. Maybe he was thinking it would be funny for the people at home, but it was just going to petrify the 15 people in front of him.

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    I think John was just so shocked. You can tell he loves his wife. He also looked disoriented when the credits were rolling...like "where should I go"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIer_admirer
    I think John was just so shocked. You can tell he loves his wife. He also looked disoriented when the credits were rolling...like "where should I go"?
    I completely agree. John looked totally stunned & probably had a million things going on in his head. NBC more than likely had said if JM announces you as the winner do this & go here blah blah blah. John looked so lost it was kind of cute.
    He was my fave to win from the start Congrats John !!

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    Alonzo was my guy. His last set was so-so, but I voted for him based on his other performances. His comedy is smart and edgy and mark my words, he is going to blow up. John's set on Tuesday was hilarious, and I believe that's why he won. Plus he is so darn cute and has great energy.

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    Hey Alonzo - if you're lurking here - you got all of my votes! You're going to be a star, baby!

    Nothing against John, he is funny, but I tend to like edgy routines more than hyper ones. Just happy it wasn't Gary, glad he was first to go Chips Ahoy, because I couldn't take any S'more!

    Watched on & off last season, wasn't real impressed, but did like Dave & Ralphie. It will be interesting to see what the format of the show will be for LCS3.
    Sing & dance the night away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scout
    Did anyone think that John was distant with his wife. He only hugged her for a moment when she ran onstage and later when they were standing onstage together at the end, she reached for his hand and he completely ignored it and left his hand on his hip with her just sort of hanging out there. Or is it just me?
    Nope, I thought the EXACT same thing. I thought it was sort of curious, being that she figures so much in his act, but who knows what really goes on.
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    I am so happy that John Heffron won! He was my guy from the beginning and I am glad that someone I liked actually won. You should've seen me screaming when I learned that he had won.

    Regarding his wife and him, I don't think there was anything wrong between them. I just feel that he felt overwelmed and didn't know where to go. I don't think he thought that he was going to win so it really surprised him when Jay called his name.

    Again, Congrats John Heffron! You deserved it. Can't wait for LCS3!

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    I didn't notice anything untoward between John and his wife, but I did think it was cute when he put his fingers in his ears when Jay started to announce the winner.

    I voted for ALonzo, but I thought John was excellent also, and it was hard to pick between them. I'm sure they both have a bright future.

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    What a nice stress-free night for me last night. I really liked all 3 of the finalists, and would have been happy to see any one of them win. I only voted 3X, and considered giving each one a vote, until it occurred to me that that would be the same as not voting at all.

    So I threw all 3 of my votes to Gary. And yes, it's because he's cute. And because I like cookies. (Gary - you can be the fig in my newton anytime! )

    As for John's wife, I was sure I saw her plant a big one on him at least twice. Not that it matters - what the heck is this, "The Bachelorette" all of a sudden?

    I'm really looking forward to LCS3. I'll be rooting for last season's house of course. I didn't like Tere at all, and wasn't crazy about Sean, but thought the other 8 ranged from very good to great. (Dat Phan = very good, Dave Mordal = great.) Although I didn't laugh once at Dat's set last night. But I can't fault the guys for not going all-out last night since there was nothing riding on the performances.

    As for this year's cast, I'm not crazy about Ant or Kathleen Madigan, and the other 8 are all various shades of very good. Last year's house seemed like it would be a fun place to hang out, whereas this year's house seemed like it would be a nasty place to hang out.

    Also, I feel the need to give props to Jay Mohr. Not a lot of love for him at the FORT, but the dude just cracks me up. He always has.

    And a side note to Ralphie re last season: You wuz robbed! By a bitch ass punk!

    ETA: Congrats to John Heffron! I look forward to seeing him in a sitcom, he seems like a sitcom kinda guy.
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    John and his wife...

    Seems like during the commercial John and his wife went at it right on the stage in front of the live audience and his wife's husky...when she began screaming...he flipped her over to keep the dog from attacking...the audience was really cheering them on...but they were slightly embarassed after the cameras came back on and barely held hands...

    Keith S. :{)>

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