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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Actually, I liked all three performances...don't know why I'm whining.

    Quote Originally Posted by YeahYeah
    All three were bad last night, but John Heffron is really a disgrace to stand-up comedy. Not one of his jokes was funny, or even somewhat relevant. Plus, his delivery is weak...he's like a nervous little geek trying to ask a popular girl out, he's a wreck out there.
    Wow. Hard for me to relate to that strong of a statement. I understand not getting a comic or not finding a comic funny...but a disgrace to stand-up? You'll need to get out to some open mics... There's FAR worse, believe me.

    And I have to say that I totally related to the clutterblindness. My ex- would have died laughing had she watched that because she went through that same "Where's it messy?" thing with me.

    As far as the delivery goes...I know that over on cringehumor they compare John's style to Howie Mandel's stand up, and I can see that. I also see some Seth Green. His persona is the whiny kid who never quite grew up...and I think he's solid in projecting that persona... Far from being weak, his delivery really locks in his persona and helps define him very well.

    In fact, I think that could be a very strong sitcom focus--the aging X'er, still trying to slack while failing to resist the responsibilities of marriage, parenting and general adulthood. You give him Cory Kahaney as his sitcom wife (in the Patricia Richardson role) and a cute kid who will grow up to be the next Olson twins and you've got an ABC TGIF show ready to go...

    Quote Originally Posted by YeahYeah
    And, Gary was better than usual...anyone who didn't appreciate his boxing/skating jokes doesn't understand discreet & witty humor and needs it fed to them on a platter.
    Discreet and witty?

    Gary's boxing joke: The problem with boxing is that someone is hitting you in the face.
    Gary's skating joke: The problem with ice skating is that ice is slippery.

    (This reminds me of a cartoon I put on my wall when I wrote radio commercials... It had a police barricade sawhorse with a sign on it saying "Beware of Sawhorse," a traffic cone that said "Caution! Cone!" and a flashing warning light with a sign on it that read "Danger! Flashing Light!" I wrote it to remind myself that there's a difference between being effective and bashing someone in the head with a two-by-four.)

    It is one concern that I had with Gary's act is that his jokes skimmed the surface...they were thin and obvious. (Granted, that means that most people can relate to him. I half expected him to open a set with "Hey, who here loves puppies?" to get an applause break.)

    Gary's got a very warm and inviting persona...but his act is just a whisper right now. I can see him becoming a Bob Saget like character...maybe taking over Animal Planet's "The World's Funniest Animals" clip show...(or hosting a show on cookies on the Food Network.)


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    Just a reminder:
    This is not the place to debate racism. If you want to do so, please take it to the Current Events thread where it belongs.

    This is only a reality show about comedy, so please try to keep it light-hearted. There is no need to get all riled up, and I certainly don't want to see this forum get all nasty like last season. Appreciate it.

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    I think both John and Alonzo have been better than anyone else in this competition from start to finish. It's a matter of taste but for me Alonzo has been better thru the complete run of the show rather than on one particular show. Therefore he got all my votes not solely for last night but for the run of the show.

    I know a lot of posters here are John Heffron fans and I will not be surprised if he wins but I still have hope for my man Alonzo. Everyone seemed surprise before in the 3 way battle between Alonzo, John, and Corey when Alonzo took the win easily and I am hoping for a similar experience here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13
    Well, he DID...about after meeting NASCAR fans, he could see how they could be entranced by watching shiny things going around in a circle...
    I didn't see that as an anti-southern joke, since NASCAR is supposed to have universal appeal these days....or maybe I just didn't care, since I share his opinion of the thrill of watching cars go round and round in a circle.

    To each his own, right?

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    Alonzo should have won . I won't watch that show again. The producers choose who won.

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    pg13, I like your comparisons. I totally see John Heffron as a sitcom star. Even his pitch at the focus group intrigued me. I just hope he doesn't pull a Dat and star in what could be forgettable films, or take the arguably more sophisticated route, doing stand-up in clubs that are hard to get into. I see Alonzo fitting this role-- not a TV personality, but a headliner in prestigious comedy clubs.

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    Fixed...Not Really...

    >> FIXED
    Alonzo should have won . I won't watch that show again. The producers choose who won. <<

    I had been voting for Alonzo all along...but his set before the final vote was not as strong as it had been...while John Heffron's was stronger than it had been...so I gave 2 votes to Alonzo and one to John...Fixed...I don't think so...just Alonzo picked the wrong time to go flat...I would like to know the vote tallies though...my wife is teasing me that my one John Heffron vote broke the tie and allowed him to win...

    So both years, my favorite comic came in second...this year I don't mind as much, because John was good also...last year I was furious that Dat won...

    Keith S. :{)>

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    Didn't the pro comics pics for the show get over ruled by the producers hmmmmmmmmmm
    Only the producers know for sure

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