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Thread: Recap 8/5: The Should-Be-Finale, and/or The Extended Dance Club Mix

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    Before I give Shazz the kudos she so richly deserves, I have to say that all this Ubu love you folks have is freaking me out a little bit.

    Shazz, I thought recapping this show was tricky last year, but the streeeetching they've done makes this season doubly difficult. Despite that, you've managed to bring the funny every week - often twice a week - great job!

    Anyhow, I hate it when things that don't need stretching get all stretchified. Like this show. This show..should have ended...like...last week. *sigh* Yet it goes on...and on...and on.

    Tonight the comics will perform in little twosomes, after which the loser of the twoseome will be exposed and chased out of the building with high-powered fire hoses.

    Listen here. Ha! No link. I'm just playin'.

    What the hell? Seriously…what…the…hell? A two hour show, for THREE comics? Seriously…what…the freakin’..hell. Ahh nuts.

    Just look at the video here. Ha! Fake link again. I’m sorry.

    He demonstrates the error in a gymnasts bounce, and really, I can't describe it, you’d have to see it here. If you clicked on it that time, you’re not following my chicanery, are you?

    I have a weird, weird, weird, feeling I’m about to see Dat Phan again. I mean, other than on my Dat Phan pillowcase.

    It pays to Discover<---can I get paid for that? shazzer@fansofrealitytv.com

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