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Thread: 8/5 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I am so torn now, vote John or vote Alonzo. John was my pick from the beginning but Alonzo is picking up massive steam

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    Heffron All the WAY!

    Im gonna vote John. I mean he may not be as Edgy as Alonso but he's got Charisma,Great delivery,Jokes that everyone can relate too.I was a bit let down reading past posts because Alonso is getting all the attention.

    He's been my fav since the auditions,and im gonna stick to him.He has something about him like that boy-next door quality-the guy who made you laugh in school-he just appeals to me....
    Alonso is a great writer,and if he gets the title im ok with it but like a loyal fan im gonna vote for who has made me laugh the hardest in the WHOLE SEASON not just tuesday.So that said:
    GO HEFFRON!Again!lol

    Also i was reading a post about john fans voting many many times...
    SO WHAT? i mean if i got a cell phone,a house phone and text messages thats 9 votes + 3 votes online= 12 votes.And what if you have 10 e-mails?
    I just think everyone can vote many many times for their favorite just dont say its JOHN'S fans only because everyone can vote their favorite....
    In the last h2h im gonna vote the times i please :rolleyes :phhht lol

    As much as i was surprised to see Gary get in the last 3, we are gonna be surprised at the LCS winner or maybe not.
    The winner will be the one who appeals to more ppl.
    -Gary:Soccer Moms,Old Ladies,Gay Men(Thats why Ant wanted to get him out..he was his weekness... )
    -Heffron:Teenagers,Middle-age crisis america,Women...Open for suggestions:
    -Alonso:This is open for suggestions tooLOL
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    Well, now that I actually watched the whole show on tape I see what they were doing with revealing it in pairs. I still wish Jay was in it instead of Gary.

    As for Alonzo, I don't find him angry at all! He's got great delivery, timing, and he's the only one I will laugh out loud for, who I definitely like best! He was so smooth on Friar's night! Funny tonight, too.

    John, however, I'm enjoying more as time goes on, but I like him when he's less nervous. Tonight he sounded like all nervous, manic energy and I think it really takes away from his humor, which I enjoy.

    Kathleen was good tonight. I liked her, but it hurt her not to get in the head-to-heads and perform more for us.

    Unless they totally change gears, I'm getting all the votes in for Alonzo that I can! I totally loved his Southern jokes on Tues. Hope he takes it. I just don't see why anyone likes Gary as a comedian. He was so boring this week.

    Go Alonzo!

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    Ok comic. I only laughed at his jokes like a couple of times during the whole season. Too heavy on the racial jokes. Makes for bad performance.


    Only slightly more funnier than Big Al. Too inexperienced. Too young. Should have been eliminated against Aunt in the first place.


    The winner by default. A "Raymond" (of Everybody loves Raymond) -like comic. A good candidate for sitcoms. Good potential but not spectacular.

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    I laughed at John and Alonzo from the beginning. Gary's cute but a notch below those two. Can't wait until the final episode!

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    John's my top pick for next Tuesday. Gary doesn't stand a chance but I like him. Go John!

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    I am a Heffron fan and I am not a female. Anyways, It's not that the other two aren't funny, but the laughs come too far apart with Gary. With Alonzo, I don't think it's "edgy" at all. You can watch Comic View and see comic after comic doing those race jokes. Not unfunny, but definitely not original or edgy. Also, I am a student at South Alabama (his set of jokes from Tues. night), and I think his whole ditching the South thing has been done enough already, and he's never performed here just to make mention. Not unfunny, but NOT "edgy". I just find Heffron's whole presence funny. Who knows

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    Whoa. My predictions were right. Go John and Alonzo! I agree with you, Aalydah. At first I felt guilty about casting more than one vote for John (and Jay), but it kept him alive in the game.

    I knew we'd have an all-male finale. Kathleen's good, but it was a little too late to make an impression. Her career will take off no matter what.

    Gary- He's cute, mildly funny, and likeable. I think others were more deserving, but what can you do? He had the advantage of performing the most out of all of them; he worked hard to get there; he delivered seemingly new, but predictable material in edited performances. I'm not mad. But if he wins..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boredom
    Finally, Jay 'vs.' Alonzo. If Jay moves through over Alonzo, I'll be mad. Not because Jay's not good (in fact, I think that he should have Gary's spot) but Alonzo was the best last night. It'll be a shame if he doesn't win.

    Gulman. Feh. Oh, well, I knew it would happen. Of these duos, the only one in doubt was the first. Tammy should have been the one to advance, based on her performance last time. But, as we know, it isn't really based on their performances....

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    Well.....Ralphie was easily the funniest of last year and who won? Alonzo is definitely this years Ralphie only in shape and actually black. He's the funniest, he's edgie, he confident, he's gonna lose.
    Apples and oranges. Ralphie May alienated the finale audience with an incredibly offensive rant about our god-given right to have cheap gasoline at any cost. I absolutely despised his last routine and would never have considered voting for him. Dave Mordahl on the other hand...

    This year there is nobody who has been as viciously mistreated by his remaining fellow competitors as Dat Phan was so the sympathy factor is zilch. We've already eliminated all the bullies. This year the finale is actually going to be all about the comedy, and I think this final three is absolutely terrific.

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