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Thread: 8/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Yes, welcome!! I don't think Tammy will do well, if the same people voting saw her in the house. I can't see a female taking the LCS title.

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    I agree with Boredom. Based on tonight's performances alone, I had to go with Tammy. If I voted based on the entire show, I probably would've voted for Jay or John. Besides, Ant did the scheming; Tammy just went along with some of it (that's just from my own perspective).

    Thanks for the welcome.

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    Wow. I thought Tammy kicked everyone's ass tonight (after I got over my horror at her outfit - I mean, just because you're a comic, doesn't mean you should dress like a clown...I was waiting for her to squirt water out of that flower she was wearing).

    Gary...oh, man. I thought his set was pretty good, too. It's interesting, he's insanely good-looking, but there's something about him that also seems to be teetering on the brink of a Jim Carrey-like craziness...almost like he's gonna snap one day

    I also loved John's jokes, but I think he may lose votes from doing all barfly-type stuff.

    Kathleen...meh. Didn't seem quite the same person as in the house.

    Jay...I really enjoyed him, again. He made me laugh out loud...either he's getting better or just growing on me. He seems more comfortable onstage now, which sounds ridiculous when we're talking about a comic who's been performing for years...but he just seemed a lot more confident tonight.

    Alonzo I usually love, but I was kinda underwhelmed by his set. Not his best night.
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    Jay and John got extra love from me....each got 2 votes.
    1 vote for Alonzo!!!

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    Charmy's guide to easy voting. And her opinions/votes.

    Hey, since everyone's asking for the numbers...

    Jay London: Text "1" to 45278. Call 1-886-FUNNY-91.
    Gary Gulman: Text "2" to 45278. Call 1-866-FUNNY-92.
    John Heffron: Text "3" to 45278. Call 1-866-FUNNY-93.
    Kathleen Madigan: Text "4" to 45278. Call 1-866-FUNNY-94.
    Tammy Pescatelli: Text "5" to 45278. Call 1-866-FUNNY-95.
    Alonzo Bodden: Text "6" to 45278. Call 1-866-FUNNY-96.

    *You can vote by phone 3 times per phone number you're calling from, including cellphones. You can vote by text message 3 times per phone number you're sending from.

    To vote online:

    1.go to the website.
    2. click on the "If you aren't rerouted to the voting page soon, click here". Do it immediately, I had to wait for a long time the other way.
    3. Select the button below the name and picture of the comic you want to vote for.
    4. Click VOTE.
    5. Fill in all the fields. You have to fill in all of them. I just put in random stuff, except for the email, and it worked. (it might not be counted though, I'm not sure.)
    6. Press VOTE again.
    7. Press the CLOSE button.
    8. Repeat from step 2 for your next votes. You can vote up to 3 times per email address.

    My 2 cents:

    Jay London: last place. Ugh. Not to be rude, but I kind of... HATE him and have no respect for his style of "comedy". Bleah. I'm going to be so sad if he wins. This isn't "Last Nice Friendly Person Standing: The Search for the Friendliest Person in America"... It's "Last Comic Standing: The Search for the FUNNIEST Person in America".
    Gary Gulman: second place. What can I say, he's absotively posulutely GORGEOUS . Despite his sexiness, his cookie and snooze button jokes were crap. I still laughed though, because I am something of a GLF (Gary Love Fairy. I like it because it rhymes and it reminds me of Shazzer.) and I love him. I did like his art scissors joke though. The set in my art class was mostly lefties :rolleyes.
    John Heffron: FIRST PLACE! I love John. Better than I love Gary, even. (why yes, as a matter of fact, I am a teenage girl.) His comedy is perfect! I loved him in the house, I loved him out of the house, I really loved that quick shot from the clown challenge episode of him pulling his pants up from behind, I even loved him when he killed the garden gnome. YAY JOHN! Woohoo! note: That entire set can be seen on his Comedy Central Presents special.
    Kathleen Madigan: Third Place By Default. Ohhh, poor, poor, Kathleen. She just kind of sucks at short-time comedy, and she is going to pay dearly for that. However, in her defense, the ketchup joke kicked some major booty, and also, she's a really good comedienne when it comes to doing really long sets. (For instance, by the end of her 30 minute Comedy Central special, I actually had tears of laughter running down my face, and my face hurt from laughing so much.) 4 minutes to win people over just isn't her forte. Bye Kathleen, I think you're very funny, but I'm not gonna waste my votes on you because you do not have a chance.
    Tammy Pescatelli: Fifth place. I am so pissed that she was actually funny tonight. I laughed, I cried, I threw things at the TV... ARGH! She can't win! Noooooooooooo....
    Alonzo Bodden: Fourth place by default. He was okay. He kind of creeps me out though.

    Yeah, and I voted for John 30 times, and Gary once... (note: On the phone, John says, "Hey you voted for me! Nice!". Gary's message is just some lady saying, "Thanks for boting for Gary Gulman.)


    Much love,

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    I thought tonight really contrasted the reason why the 5 last week were in bottom.

    Jay London... I still feel like scrubbing him down I just don't think I could listen to more than one or two of his jokes before I got irritated. His schtick has gotten old, though he seemed like a real sweetheart.

    Gary Gulman... I'll say this and duck. I thought he was hilarious tonight. I love how tall and sexy he is but still has his boyish humor. I also think he targets white middle class stuff. He was one of the only ones who had 4 adults laughing out loud tonight.

    John Heffron... I love his sparkly eyes and he is quite adorable, but I didn't laugh once at his set. He was one of my favorites as well but I would place him in the bottom 3

    Kathleen Madigan... I am a fan of hers. However, she's brought nothing to this show. She wasn't funny on the show, was never challenged, and I didn't think her set tonight was anything special. Plus... with celebrities sitting in her friends spot... isn't she really above this show anyway?

    Tammy... as much as it pains me to say, I think she was really funny tonight. What I like about her set was that she talked about being on the show. It seemed more topical. I'd vote her in the top 3 for tonight.

    Alonzo... he's a hoot. I think he should win the whole shebang. He's so obviously smart and well spoken. Loved the "mosey" bit.

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    I split my votes for Alonzo and John. Those two made me laugh the hardest.

    The rest weren't too far off, Jay had his charm. Gary had his, um charm. Kathleen, charming lady. Tammy, sicilian charm. But they didn't wow me as much. So I got to put my 6 votes down for John and Alonzo.

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    I am not sure if anyone else voted via phone, but did all of the candidates have a message when you voted for them? I was so surprised to hear John's voice on the other end of the line

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    I think you're onto something...

    "hiya I guess the comics read the message boards....first Todd, now Tammy"

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    How I rank the comics based on their performances tonight:

    1. Kathleen Madigan
    2. Alonzo Bodden
    3. John Heffron
    4. Jay London
    5. Tammy Pescatelli
    6. Gary Gulman

    Kathleen had genuinely funny material, maybe because she was able to save up from never being challenged... I liked her delivery as well.

    Alonzo has been funnier before, but his set tonight was still one of the best.

    John's material mostly hangs on him being able to relate to the audience and talk about something that everybody knows about, or can believe exists. It's hard not to want to vote for somebody when you feel like you just know them so well. But anyway, he's still funny about it.

    Jay's jokes obviously don't appeal to everybody, and that hurts him, but he's the sort of comic that if you can appreciate him, than you're getting something good.

    Tammy's jokes were new this time. That's a plus. And she was funny. However, her ploys to get votes for just so redundant... addressing the things that people (here) have been critiquing openly and saying that it's better... But even though it was funny, it's the kind of funny where you think to yourself "I could have written that and told it just as well." And the subject of her jokes wasn't new, even if the jokes were. That still annoyed me.

    Gary. None of his humor is intelligent or funny. (Gary fans, take that as a challenge) He's easily the worst of the top 6, in my opinion, but he's probably going to win. His material is new each week, but it's bland and unfunny.


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