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Thread: 8/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    *You can vote by phone 3 times per phone number you're calling from, including cellphones. You can vote by text message 3 times per phone number you're sending from.
    Actually i think the girl who voted 30 was pretty smart imao.
    I only voted 8 times but i could vote 20+ times.
    i have like 5 e-mails... and i used my cell phone and my house phone
    but i didnt use em lol i was to tired...
    but i think my 8 votes for John are good.

    My thoughts on the last 3:
    Who is the least likeable to move on?I think ill have to say Tammy or Gary.
    *Tammy did really good on yesterday's show from what i heard because i turned the channel when she came on and she started with the sicilian jokes but i dont think she has enough fans to carry her to the next round.
    *Gary oh Gary.I laughed out loud in his set I think he's great but i just dont think anyone else thinks likes me.He did good but he didnt Wow people..its up to america to decide maybe he'll get the soccer mom votes *aww he's so cute~*!
    *Kathleen: i was undecided who to give this position i was between kath and jay but i think Jay definetly has more fans and he will get all those sympathy votes.Im sorry but i didnt find him funny at all but i think america does.Kathleen was good but i dont like her delivery-too down.Her last joke killedbut i dont think she'll move on.

    And the final 3?:
    *Alonzo:Talented,Great Writer,
    *John:Awesome Delivery,Charisma,Great Writer,Good Looks,
    *Jay:Sympathy votes,Original Style,-Thank You-

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisdevine
    Best Jokes:
    Jay: "Its ok im gonna get high after this."
    I'm thinking that wasn't exactly a joke.
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    I thought (I post as if the masses have been wondering)

    Gary was very good. Loved the milk joke.

    Jay London was better than I thought he would be but, no where near as good as the others.

    Kathleen was good but rushed. Timing was off.

    Alonso was good..has a good stage presence. I agree with the earlier poster though, who noted that he used "cliche'" jokes.

    John was good. "Gotta go girl" very funny.

    Tammy was "likeable" which she has not appeared before. I did laugh out loud at the Paris Hilton joke.

    I voted for Gary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Italian Idol
    The only insane thing would be to allow Gary and Kathleen the honour of moving on in this competition. I laughed more at Todd's jokes than the other's that you mentioned should make the top 3.
    How do you really feel?

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    I'm surprised at how many people thought Jay was horrible. I have not been a fan of his and would rather have seen Todd in the final 6, but I thought he was really good last night. I would have put him in the top 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teppo
    Tammy was "likeable" which she has not appeared before. I did laugh out loud at the Paris Hilton joke.
    I agree that the Paris Hilton joke was excellent. It is one that I could see having a life of its own (it is simple and funny enough that people will tell it to their buddies...).
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I was plesently surprised with how good everyone was. Way better then last weeks wild card show, where you knew it would come down to the 3 it did, and that the other 2 had NO chance. All 6 were very funny!

    Laughed out loud at the South Alabama joke, have never thought about that from someone elses view.

    Didn't like Tammy in the house, thought she did a good job of winning people over.

    Gary and John have been my favorites and I think they did great.

    Nice to see Kathleen perform, she was very funny, loved the fish thing.

    Feel like Jay is the only one for sure not making the top 3, I just don't think his style will be able to beat out those other 5 sets.

    Tammy may be hurt by her house image.

    Before Last night I would have bet anything that the LCS 1 would win the head to heads 4-1 (Dat losing to anyone) aginst the LCS2 group, but they really impressed me last night. (they may only lose 3-2)

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    I just don't see what everyone sees in Alonzo..his jokes stunk imo..and I hope he does not move into the top three...

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    Before watching last night, I thought for sure that all my votes would be going for John and Alonzo. Both of them disappointed me somewhat last night, particularly Alonzo. I thought his jokes were predictable and rather cliched and not as clever as say what he'd written for Jay's roast. I did laugh outloud at his line about white people not picking produce due to the cancer risk. With John, I thought he started off slowly, but seeing that I've often been that "We've Gotta Go Girl", he had me reeling throughout his bar bit, but it unfortunately did go on too long at the end, IMO. The other comedians were mostly so-so, with slight chuckles here and there but I thought Gary had a slight edge on them. Maybe it's because I love cookies? Therefore, almost all my votes went to John yet I threw a couple to Gary and one to Alonzo as well.

    My rankings from last night:
    #1 John
    #2 Gary
    #3 Alonzo
    #4 Tammy
    #5 Kathleen
    #6 Jay

    But boy oh boy is comedy subjective for my sister and her hubby LOVED Jay last night and voted for him, Alonzo and Gary.

    I think the three to stay on Thursday will be:
    #1 Alonzo
    #2 John
    and #3 will be either Gary or Jay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burntcrow
    I just don't see what everyone sees in Alonzo..his jokes stunk imo..and I hope he does not move into the top three...
    I don't either and while I do realize it's not PC for me to say but...his jokes had a lot of racism in them.

    I really didnt like the "im in favor of Illegal aliens" rant.

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