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Thread: 8/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Alonzo is a brilliant writer. I am really pulling for him to win. I thought he was great last night!

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    Am I wrong when I say that it seems here that the general opinion on fort (in this thread anyway) is that everybody thinks Alonzo is the best, and then there are disagreements on everybody else? That's the sign of a pretty good comic, to win everybody over...

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    Alonzo was great, he had me laughing at every joke which I can not say from the other comics (although they were very good too, just not as good as Alonzo). And since I am an alien in Alabama, I was at the South Alabama jokes. This was a very good night, all the comics were funny, and I have no idea who the three will be, well, except that Alonzo must be there.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I've been an Alonzo fan all the while. But last night, his set was excellent. His delivery was great and as someone mentioned, a bit less angry! I was LOL at the "you don't see carjackers walking, do you?" bit. Excellent material and excellent delivery. Best of the night.

    Love John Hef, but didn't think last night was his best, but overall I enjoy him.

    I actually enjoyed Tammy last night. Her set was different and funny. Not sure I could sit in a comedy club and watch her for a half hour, but she was funny.

    I like Jay's humor - I'm a fan of puns. But I'm not sure it translates on TV. I like him in general, but not sure he's going all the way.

    Kathleen surprised me because not having seen her much, she was enjoyable. She looked a bit uncomfortable, but hell, what do I know.

    And Gary, while I think he's humorous, it's a bit juvenile to sustain the competion and and after-life of this show. (obviously my opinion - I'll be eating crow when he wins!). I did laugh at cookies without sugar are crackers, but more because my friend works in the cookie division at Nabisco, not for the joke!

    So overall, I'd go with Alonzo all the way. As attested to by my 3 votes for him....

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    Quote Originally Posted by famita
    I thought Alonzo killed last night. I laughed out loud. I enjoyed Kathleen-first time I heard her. I smiled real broadly. I liked John, Gary, Tammy and Jay. I thought some of repeat was too bad-might have enjoyed them if they had more new material. I smiled. I caled in a vote for Ant!

    Uhhh Uhhh Beavis ... I don't think Ant is on the show anymore.....



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    I really enjoyed last night's show. At the beginning of the series, I hated Jay London. towards the middle, I started to like him. Now, I hate him again. Half of his jokes were the same tired ones he's used the whole time. One-liners are the easiest jokes to write. Especially ones that aren't related at all. The other half of his set was the same "You'll never see me again" "It's almost over ma'am" and "Let me move over here. I feel like I'm bothering everyone." If he moves on, I feel like it'll be another Dat Phan. He's not the funniest by an means, he's using the same jokes over and over but everyone wants to like him and everyone feels sorry for him. I did, but I'm tired of him taking someone else's spot who's better than he is.
    Gary, who I usually hate, I actually enjoyed last night. I was glad he had all-new material, even if he did re-use the cookie motif. I would probably put him near the bottom, but I enjoyed everyone last night.
    John, I think is really a good comedian. He and Kathleen (along with Ant) have been favorites all along. He always has new material, and it's always clever and witty. I hope he moves on on Thursday.
    Kathleen has been my favorite, and I feel bad that she hasn't been shown hardly at all this season, because she really is a great comedian. Had she had the opportunity to build up a steady following, I really think she'd have a much better chance. She has great material, very well written. I hope she moves on so people can see her perform again, and maybe she could win it, but the chances of that are probably slim and none.
    Tammy, she was entertaining, but her jokes weren't all new. They were new for the show, but i've seen a lot of them on old performances of hers. I did laugh at the way she reworked them for present things. She was entertaining, but I hope she doesn't move on.
    Alonzo, I have never been a big fan of, and I didn't really like him last night, but he has a huge following and I'm sure he'll move on.

    My rankings:
    1. Kathleen
    2. John
    3. Tammy
    4. Alonzo
    5. Gary
    6. Jay

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    Xantham Gum
    Well I had Gary as making me laugh the most and was sure Alonzo would be the funniest but when I heard his hacky "Alabama is full of racists who are too stupid to get punchlines" tired clichés I didn't even smile the rest of his set. I don't even live in Alabama, but I do live in the South and I am sick of southerners being the punchline to NY comics smug little jokes, mainly because I know these people don't think of them as jokes but the truth. Way to turn off a whole region of the voting public, Alonzo. Maybe if Gary went on Showtime at the Apollo making black jokes about watermelon and fried chicken or some other outdated stereotype, they would all think it was good-natured fun too!

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    I think Gary killed it last night. He was the funniest comic there on that night, in my opinion. His style and delivery is great for his routine. John was good but not top 3 material last night. Alonzo tore it down , and Kathleen did as well. My top 3. Gary, Kathleen, and Alonzo. If you woulda told me this woulda been my top 3 a couple of weeks ago, I would have said you're insanse

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    Quote Originally Posted by totalwreckage
    I think Gary killed it last night. He was the funniest comic there on that night, in my opinion. His style and delivery is great for his routine. John was good but not top 3 material last night. Alonzo tore it down , and Kathleen did as well. My top 3. Gary, Kathleen, and Alonzo. If you woulda told me this woulda been my top 3 a couple of weeks ago, I would have said you're insanse

    The only insane thing would be to allow Gary and Kathleen the honour of moving on in this competition. I laughed more at Todd's jokes than the other's that you mentioned should make the top 3.
    "I come from humble grounds. I was never spoiled, so I know how to appreciate things given to me"

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    I thought Gary was hillarious, John wasnt at his best but he will get in the top three and alonzo will make it too

    Best Jokes:
    Jay: "Its ok im gonna get high after this."

    Gary: "Love milk, only they do too many commercials about it. I saw 4 commercials on milk yesterday! I mean, who are they targetting with these commercials? people who are unaware of this beverage? people who will say "oh yah, yah that WOULD go well with cookies."

    John: "In every group there is one girl, theres one in every group, the wegottago girl.
    Thats the one you gotta booze up all night!"

    Kathleen: "My brothers don't believe in Alien abduction, they're scientists. They say theirs no proof... what if they are just smarter than us? Fish dont know we are here but we sure get alot of them."

    Tammy: Remember when I called my sister a wh*re? This isn't a joke I'm just reminding you, or unless you missed that episode."

    Alonzo: "I dont know who to hate..." basically his whole thing was funny

    MY fav this year



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    They cant arrest you for that!

    The judge will say: what did he say? well he was disrespectful. What did he say?

    he said RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AR Im the cookie monster!

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