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Thread: Voting Tonight for Final 3

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    Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo... to me, no one else even came close. I did not stop laughing throughout his entire routine! The man can write and the entertainment industry needs this kind of talent desparately!

    Tammi was a distant second. Her Paris Hilton joke was great. However, I'm a bit put off by her fake nice-nice comments during her video profiles.

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    [QUOTE=dvm]Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo... to me, no one else even came close. I did not stop laughing throughout his entire routine! The man can write and the entertainment industry needs this kind of talent desparately!

    I agree! I believe that Alonzo's had this thing sewn up since the distinguished judges' panel praised his writing at the roast. Strong writing is the foundation of good comedy, and Alonzo understands this. He's got the whole package. It's so refreshing to see a comic, any comic, who doesn't need to rely on sex jokes, crude humor or profanity as filler because the material is lacking. Alonzo is a role model for anyone trying to break into the comedy business, and especially to young black comics he shows that a classy act is miles funnier than one laced with gutter language. No one holds a candle to him on the stage, and I think he will go far. I look forward to seeing him on Jay Leno's show as the winner.


    That said, I think that all the comics were at the top of their form last night--even Jay London had some new material.

    John Heffron is very likeable and had a strong set also. Not as penetrating as Alonzo's, but I like the way he incorporates physical comedy into his act. I think he will be a strong second.

    Gary is also very likeable (and earns points for being the sharpest dresser), but his pacing back and forth on the stage is a little distracting. John moved around a lot too, but he incorporated his movements into the joke. Gary just paces, probably out of nerves. Gary has 'cute' material--certainly he targets humorous moments that we've all experienced in life, but his stuff never rises above that cutesy level. He needs meatier stuff to truly rise to the top of this game.

    Comedy is a very dicey prospect for a female--I think a woman has a much more difficult time making it in stand-up than a guy. Not because they are not talented & funny, but because comedy requires the performer to be a bit edgy & in-your-face at times, and this is more of a masculine energy than a feminine energy. Whereas women will laugh at male comedians, I think it's much harder for guys to identify with 'female issues' in comedy. Sure, women in the audience will laugh, but a female comic has to court that all-important male segment as well. Many of them try to do that by imitating a harder male edge, and it just comes off as unattractive or desperate. I think that is Bonnie McFarlane's problem--some of her jokes, if they were delivered by a guy, would get big laughs, but because she's a woman, it just comes off as trying too hard, and that's not funny. Unfair, perhaps, but I think that's the lay of the land. I'm a female, and I'd never try to put myself out there like these women do, so they get my kudos for bravery, for sure.

    Of the two remaining women, I think Kathleen has stronger material & has more potential for wider audiences. I think it says a lot that her fellow comics never once chose to face off with her in an elimination--her peers must recognize her as a strong contender.

    Tammy is very pretty, and milks that whole Sicilian angle humorously, but unfortunately I think that's the bulk of her act. She's got a grating edge to her personality that may play for laughs in New Yoik & Jersey, but would Middle America be able to embrace Tammy? I don't think so.

    I think it's gonna go: 1. Alonzo
    2. John Heffron
    3. Gary or Kathleen
    4. Kathleen or Gary
    5. Tammy
    6. Our boy Jay

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    The man can write and the entertainment industry needs this kind of talent desparately!
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Voted for Alonzo...thrice...

    My wife and I both liked his set...we both are tired of the schtick of Jay London...

    Jay...won't be performing at the soup kitchen anymore...
    Gary-I think he thinks he is funnier than he is...
    John-What a terrible set...about being the old single guy...and to top it off they show his wife and kids at the end...
    Tammy-Starts off by saying she is not a conniving hateful bitch...she only plays one on TV...
    Kathleen-Loved the Kerry joke-"The day before the election he announces...if I do not get elected we are taking away all the ketchup!"
    Alonzo was better than all, but not on fire...

    But they were all much better than the Wild-Card competition show...I liked this show better than any so far...

    My order of expected finish:
    1. Alonzo
    2. Kathleen
    3. Gary or John
    4. John or Gary
    5. Jay
    6. Tammy

    Kathleen gets another bye as she was actually funny...John was ahead of Gary going in...but I liked Gary's set better. Jay beats out Tammy in the we hate this comedian more category...

    Keith S. :{)>

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