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Thread: Voting Tonight for Final 3

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    I got caught in traffic last night and did not get home in time to see the show ... however being a Detroiter and an avid Heffron fan... I got to vote only on line as the phone lines were closed by the time I got home. [Thanks to whomever posted the numbers and online voting guide !!!] The rules say you can vote up to three times per email address. I have 3 email addresses so I cast NINE votes for Mr. Heffron....... GO JOHN ....

    Can't wait for Thursday.


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    To me, Alonzo was the clear cut funniest comic of the night. Nobody else even came close.

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    Well, living in Canada I can't phone in, but I gave 2 net votes to Tammy because IMO she was definitely the funniest last night, plus I've always liked her, and 1 to Gary just because I can and because I really did enjoy his set. Also, I would love to see him on TV regularly.
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    I think they all did a good job. I gave all my votes to John, he had a great set... and I would rather see a John Heffron special than an Alonzo special.

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    Just got my neighbor to cast three votes for John Heffron using his email address........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Pappy?
    To me, Alonzo was the clear cut funniest comic of the night. Nobody else even came close.
    To me Alonzo was maybe the second funniest - Gary Gulman always has me

    Does Tammy Pescatelli annoy the hell out of anyone else?

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    Jay and John have their supporters because they are nice guys. But if you vote for them over Alonzo you're no better than the Dat Fans.
    Well, I actually agree with you that Alonzo is the strongest comic in the house and I fully expect him to move on to the finals next week. I also agree with you that Jay in particular is out of his depth here. On the other hand, I think John gives Alonzo a real run for his money as a comic and I do not think it will be the end of the world if he wins this competition. I think it's extremely harsh to say that somebody who prefers another comic - especially a comic as consistently strong as John Heffron - is "no better" than somebody who voted for somebody generally considered weak, such as Dat Phan. I have been under the impression that folks are entitled to enjoy whomever they like, and there is no strong indication of their worth as people if their opinion does not go along with that of the majority. I certainly can't understand why somebody might decide their favorite person in this bunch is say, Jay London or Bonnie McFarland, but having that opinion doesn't make somebody a bad person, or even necessarily a bad judge of comedy. On another board I frequent, most folks thought Gary Gulman did very well last night (as did I) but here, he's been almost universally criticized. That's OK. Different acts resonate differently with different people.

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    I'm just gonna put it thusly:

    9pm was when Mrs. senrik and I sat down for dinner. we put on the TV, and I had the thought that it might be a dangerous thing to mix a comedy show and dinner....

    apparently not, since for a majority of the show, it got nary a laugh from either of us. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't watched the previous eps much (do to my little dog's dates with a dog trainer).

    I do have to say that based on the show (as seen on TV) Alonzo blew away the competition.

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    Dat Le
    I don't care who the funniest comic is, I vote out of pity or who I like the most. I'm leaning towards Jay London, I'm extremely curious as to how he'll do a 30-minute Comedy Central Presents show. Lots of new material I'm dying to hear

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    i voted for alonzo as he was the funniest, IMO.

    as long as gary or tammy doesn't win, i don't really mind.

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