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Thread: Splitting up your votes!!!

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    This may be a little of a side note, but when Dat's special originally aired, did you know who's special aired before it?

    John Heffron. It's weird but really worth noting.

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    good thing for john heffron that people won't be splitting their votes between him and jay after jay is knocked out this week.
    yeah, jay is a nice guy, and i like his style of humor just fine, he just doesn't have enough material to not get old quickly. steven wright did jay's act much better, even with the petco hair
    kathleen should absolutely kill this week since she hasn't had to use her best material. (and someone that was actually at a taping of lcs when kathleen performed said they didn't even air her best stuff on tv from the time she actually did perform)
    alonzo and kathleen have had to waste the least amount of their 'A' material.
    i'm guessing jay and tammy get bumped for sure, i just hope john doesn't lose too many votes to 'likeable' jay or 'cute' gary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teppo

    I think Jay Mohr is funny doing real stand up. I think it would be interesting to see the winners of the LCS seasons go up against him.
    Of the opinions I've seen posted, you're in the minority. Although I like some of the humor from LCS2 - granted there has not been much - Mohr probably would win a head to head with any of them. But against some LCS1 comics (no not Dat unPhunny) I think he would crash and burn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aalydah
    Jay.. i dont get his jokes. I know he has lots of fans but i Dont get him!Im sick of the "thank you", "it all be over soon" it just gets old
    He certainly could improve his act by saying "it will all be over soon" only when his jokes do not get a laugh and only once per set. As he delivers his material, I get the impression that he is hoping that his jokes bomb so that he can use the self-deprecating follow-ups. But then, he uses them anyway, even if the jokes go over well enough.

    Plus, I think it would help a lot if he never laughed at his own material, like Wright.

    That said, I still think he's the funniest comedian left on the show.

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    I like and have defended Jay's type of comedy endlessly in this forum. But that doesn't mean he's my favorite comic on the show.

    Alonzo is. He's by FAR the funniest person there.

    And so even liking Jay, since I think Alonzo is the funniest I won't be splitting my votes. And there's no element of diplomacy about it to me, even if I did want to split. Who do we have to be diplomatic to other than each other?

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Wow - Krom and I agree on something. Maybe it was the blue moon earlier that caused it

    I also think that Alonzo deserves to be the Last Comic Standing (assuming he doesn't bomb), and I won't be splitting votes. Actually, I think that splitting votes is part of the reason that Jay won the wildcard round - despite who your favorite was, it seemed like almost everyone threw a vote or two towards Jay, which started adding up after a while.

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    Alonzo is my favorite...

    Going into the finals I am leaning towards Alonzo, but there is not much separating him from the rest...except for Jay and Tammy who have a lot of ground to make up...

    Kathy, John, Gary
    Jay, Tammy

    are my three tiers...

    If all of them are mediocre like the wild-card round, I probably won't vote again...

    Hopefully someone in the top tier will be funny...

    Ralphie was my favorite last year...and I get to see his show in DC on the 20th...

    Keith S. :{)>

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    Well if we are going to rank:

    1.) Alonzo "Kick Yo Ass" Boden
    - {very large gap} -
    2.) Jay "Less, Not Mohr" London
    3.) The 5% of Tammy's jokes which don't have to do with the Mafia or Italian stereotypes
    4.) John Heffronapolis
    5.) Gary Gulboring
    6.) Kathleen "I'm Trying WAY Too Hard TO Sound Wry" Madigan
    7.) The other 95% of Tammy's jokes.
    Last edited by Krom; 08-03-2004 at 12:25 AM.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    jay mohr is a nice guy, but he really needs more material...if his material was as good as stephen wright's he'd be my favorite

    as it is, jay is about the 4th or 5th best comic, at best....

    splitting up your votes between jay and heffron won't pull jay up into the top three, it will just drag heffron down....

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    Well, if we're ranking...based on delivery and good writing...

    1) John Heffron
    2) Jay London
    3) Alonzo Bodden
    4) Kathleen Madigan
    5) Gary Gulman
    (large gap)
    6) Tammy Pescatelli

    Jay Mohr can't cut it, but I'd rather watch him than Tammy.

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