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Thread: 7/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Diva Di
    I am surprised but absolutely thrilled Jay London won the Wild Card slot!!!
    I thought Ant or Corey would win. I was not particularly impressed with Todd the other night. Not his best work. I thought Bonnie was at her best but not strong enough. I was rooting for Jay the entire time and thought he did very well. It was obvious Jay was the house favorite. I am sure it meant a lot to receive the cheers he got when he first walked out on stage. From the voting, the TV audience apparently feels as strongly as the house audience about Jay London. Kuddos and best wishes to Jay London!!!

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    people voted for jay because like dat phan from season 1, he is a likable guy who can draw pity votes. but were they the funnist? probably not
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    I really thought Ant was the best on Monday, but I liked Jay as well, so I'm pretty pleased, although I had a couple of scary moments when I saw Todd was one of the final 2 Sorry, but I have hated him from day one. Go sing your attention song elsewhere, buddy.
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    Jay London is funny as hell and defenitely has a lot of respect in the house and from comics in general. Defenitely his "in the house" work and overall personality got him the win. Jay London is this years Dave Mordal, though I think last years Dave Mordal(if that is his real name) is funnier.

    If Ant had won, the FIX would have been IN. Defenitely no point in watching the show anymore. Thankfully that didn't happen. Though with the Loveable Lunkhead London back in the show, it's making me rethink my final predictions. He'll defenitely get a big simpathy vote, but will it be enough to beat Goldman's likability/handsomeness? Tough call.

    Also love how Mohr made fun of himself Colin Quinn style when one of his opening jokes bombed. Nice.
    And what would that sound like DAG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    I really thought Ant was the best on Monday, but I liked Jay as well, so I'm pretty pleased, although I had a couple of scary moments when I saw Todd was one of the final 2 Sorry, but I have hated him from day one. Go sing your attention song elsewhere, buddy.

    Todd might have tried to entertain us, but he was just plain annoying to me. He was like one of those bad dreams, where he's on EVERY CHANNEL. I can't standses him... I hateses him...

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    I think Jay is funny. I just wish he'd lose all the I'm almost done, repeat the start of the joke bits.

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    Diva Di
    Althought I agree that London is well liked by audiences, I don't believe his votes come from pity or merely because he's likeable (even though he is). I think it is a combination of his uniqueness, his likeabilty and that audiences relate to him.

    Comparing London to Dat Phan makes my skin crawl. Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww! Dat Phan was a one trick pony.

    I, too, loved Dave Mordal. He's awesome. In my book, he's been the best of the best.

    Although he had a great delivery and strong presence, I don't think Ant got votes because his material probably doesn't appeal to mainstream America. Same goes for Bonnie. I like a lot of Bonnie's material; however, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of women are turned off by her sense of humor.

    Personally, I was surprised Todd faired as well as he did. I thought Corey did a much better job Tuesday night. Todd, although I find him entertaining, lacks discipline and his presentation is rather unpolished. Corey, although I am not wild about some of his material, is very entertaining. His honesty and charm buys him points with me.

    Tammy's material is very old Vegas. I am Italian and am really unamuzed with her Gumba material. What I like even less is her personality. She is obviously talented and intelligent, so why does she have to say mean-spirited things about the others and rely on sterotyping her people for laughs? Tammy, too, has good stage presence but her attitude gets a big zero.

    Alonzo is a very clever comic. I admire his intelligence, talent, delivery, sense of discipline and style. Humor is no laughing matter with him. It's work and he's good at it.

    Kathleen does little for me. I don't dislike her. She simply hasn't made much of an impression on me.

    I think both John and Gary have reallly good material, are very creative and both know how to work an audience. I don't think John has a winning personality, but Gary seems to have a lot of appeal with audiences. John has a good look for a comic; Gary is a good looking comic. ;-)

    Although I would love to see Jay London win (please, oh please), I think America will chose Alonzo, Gary and John to be the last three standing. If Tammy makes it that far, I may never laugh again...especially if she beats out Jay.

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    YAY JAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    With regard to Todd Glass:

    He shouldn't punch his KAT!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    I love "The Attention Song". That song rules.

    Oh, look, its tape of Tammy being incinsere again.

    Wow, it's Jay being happy. That's an odd sight.

    I'd be SO happy with London coming in 2nd overall and Alonzo winning. If Tammy or Gulman wins, I am SO out of here. Heffron would be okay, I guess as #3.
    WELCOME BACK, KROM!! Have missed your pithy comments!!

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