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Thread: 7/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I don't mean this as a blast of any particular comic but, I know regular people who say amusing things on a day to day basis. The comics I have seen on LCS many of whom I have also seen live, some well over a year ago, use the same jokes over and over. How can they make a career out of that? Why is it so difficult to write more material?

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    i wouldn't be surprised if none of the comics actually came up with 'new' material just for the show....
    seems like the producers already had the core group in mind when they went out for initial tryouts across the country, which is why some comics travelled away from home to attend the tapings even though they could have auditioned in their home city. too many good comics in main cities like LA, NY, and Boston, so people travelled to their smaller-name locations to take the winning spot from there.

    so, the comics that did make it had a lot of old material, and have just put together their best 30 minues or so, and continue to use that, because, unless you have seen them live or on a special, the old material is new to the nbc home viewers

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