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Thread: I saw Tammy & Gary perform last night

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    I saw Tammy & Gary perform last night

    Last night I was at the Hollywood Improv and Tammy & Gary were there. It's usually no big deal to see LCS comics perform- I see at least 1 a week. But what was unique about last night, was that they both only did a 5 minute set (as opposed to a 15 set they usually get in Hollywood).

    They both worked out their set that they are going to use on Tuesday, so the people in attendance were treated to a preview. A couple of times, Gary ad libbed stuff and told everybody that they won't see that on Tuesday.

    Gary did a long bit on the snooze button on the alarm clock. "Nine minutes is not a snooze... ninety minutes... that's a snooze. " Then about how his old college roommate will hit the snooze over and over and over while he was trying to sleep. He dreamt that a truck kept backing up.

    Tammy said that people come up to her and say that "I'm better looking on TV or that I'm better looking in person. I am a female comedian. How good looking do I have to be? My competition is Rosanne and Paula Poundstone".

    She also said how they can't have any Silicians on Survivor, because there would be 9 guys missing and 1 hairy Dago saying "i want my money"

    Having seen both of the sets there are gonna use on Tuesday, I just want to add that Gary was MUCH MUCH better... at least last night.

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    Are they supposed to improv at the hollywood improv? Or is that just a title?

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    no, it's just the name of the club; they are a chain.

    It's where the auditions were for LCS in Los Angeles.

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    cool. I like Gulman more that Tammy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxsayssticks
    Are they supposed to improv at the hollywood improv? Or is that just a title?
    Oh, lord...I feel so old!

    Part of the reason that there was a boom in Stand-Up Comedy in the 80's was thanks to the syndication (and eventually the purchase by A&E) of the "An Evening at the Improv" series. Filmed at various Improvisation comedy clubs across the country, they offered us Mountain Dew drinkers something funny to watch at odd hours of the late night and early morning...showing us very early performances Dana Carvey, David Spade, Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O'Donnell, etcetera...pretty much anyone who became anyone appeared on that show over the years, performing for the monocle wearing Budd Friedman. It is the basis for the "microphone in front of a brick wall" cliche...and it made a D-List star out of "waitress/comedian/80's novelty songstress/'Earth Girls Are Easy' concepter/"Clueless" physical education teacher" Julie Brown (no...not Downtown Julie Brown...)

    The name came from a club in New York, which was NOT a Budd Friedman club...but he took the name and made it a chain around the country...and, again, the show that took it's name from it was one of the few showcases (outside of Carson) for stand up in the US for many years.

    Seattle used to have one...and there, in the early 90's, I saw Paula Poundstone, Greg Proops, Sue Murphy...and, because my ex-girlfriend loved him, Jeff Dunham (and a Woozle named Peanut) three times...

    The same location, under the name ShowBox, now a rock club, is where David Cross filmed one of his HBO specials.

    The rumors have been that Improv is going out of business...or that it's expanding to new locations... It's like the Tower Records of the stand up comedy club industry.

    PS--I've never seen any "improv" at an Improv--which, you're right, is pretty ironic...don't you think?

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