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Thread: Predictions for tonight's show!!

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    i'm surprised todd didn't make it....
    but, from the comments on the board lately, i guess i shouldn't be too surprised jay got the 'dat phan' sympathy votes for people who thought he was a good guy

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    I thought Jay might win- lots don't find him funny, but there are lots like me who do- it's strange- i don't think he got a sympathy vote, i think he's funny, but to win next week, he will have to have new material and i don't think he's got that-

    Kathleen is in a good position, she never got challenged so she can trot out her good stuff without it seeming like she is redoing anything.

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    these are my predictions:
    5th Bonnie
    4th Corey
    3rd Ant
    2nd Todd
    1st Jay

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    I'm going strictly off of memory here, which means I could be wrong (hey: it happens ). But didn't the wild card performers come in, in the exact same order in which audiences voted them off in prior challenges?

    For example, Bonnie had the lowest number of votes. Then Ant, and so on, with Jay (most recently kicked off) as the winner of the wild card spot.

    If so, I just think it's very interesting. For the SECOND time, audiences decided they liked Bonnie the least, Jay the best and everyone else somewhere in the middle. Sort of like "How many times do we have to vote for you people before y'all get the message?"

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    I refuse to predict anymore now that America is involved in the vote. It upsets me that Jay London won, and this is how I feel after that:

    They should let judges pick the winners down to the last two. American Idol Style. At least then, we would actually be left with two people to chooose from who are actually funny. Then, it wouldn't be so much about who's a good guy and who isn't.

    I think people forget it is LAst Comic Standing, and it is supposed to be about who is funniest.

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    If you watch American Idol, you know that these voting shows are based on popularity more so than talent. Once "America" gets involved, forget all about who was the most talented. I think the wild car show should have had a panel of established comedians, like the roast that they did, and they should have chosen the wild card based on material, delivery etc... Jay London's monotonous repetition of one-liners is not my idea of what a comedian should be. In all honesty, how many of you would spend upwards of $30 to go see Jay London? I think even Bonnie was better than he was, and she doesn't stand a chance IMHO. My favourite of the WCs was Corey, but I think his set was geared to a particular audience, and that hurt him tremendously. Versatility is important, and I think Todd Glass had the best overall WC performance. I never liked him, but I thought his final set was decent.

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