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Thread: 7/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Boo Hag
    I've always found Jay the funniest of all of them. I don't find Corey funny at all, and was really glad when he got booted off. Ant was funnier tonight than he's been, but still, all of my votes went to Jay. His number was busy for awhile after the show, but at about 10:20 I got through twice in a row without a problem. Hopefully that doesn't mean no one's voting for him!

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    I actually didnt care all that much about the wild card show. My favorites are in the final 5 so i just watch and voted( voting is fun isnt it Anyways i agree with everyone that says that the show wasnt that good.. i mean i hardly laughed at any of the jokes. Im rooting for Corey,Todd,Jay( they are all gentlemen and i like them, i used to love Todd when he was in the house he was like the only funny person but his act wasnt that good today but i still gave him my voteBonnie wasnt that good i thought her act was depressing..but i prefer her in the house than ant.Ant was good and he'll probably win i mean i bet many people that didnt watch the show voted and they just thought ant was the best.He did good but i mean do u remember how he made our life miserable when he was in the house?..anyways no matters who wins the wildcard..my favorites are John and Gary
    John is soo cute
    did ant really lose some pounds?

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    It has been always busy for me...
    Ive been trying to vote for corey and todd....
    i already voted in the votenbc one time...

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    I am a big fan of Todd Glass. His set wasn't the best but I still know he is an overall good comedian. I gave him 2 votes while swinging one vote to Jay just because I love him too. Ant was funnier then he has been in the past but I absolutely can't stand the guy and I'd like to never see him again. :rolleyes

    I highly doubt the winner of wildcard will even win the title of Last Comic Standing so I really was not a big fan of tonights show.

    But anyways I am rooting for JOHN, Kathleen and somewhat Gary to win LCS2.

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    Well Said
    John Rocks,i think alonso is very talented but i just think hes too...i dunt know hes not my type of comic...
    Kat is great but i havent seen her shine yet...
    Jay is sweet but i dun get his one liners wish i could he is a good guy and hes pretty likeable...
    Ant its just..Ant i mean its not that he isnt funny its just that ive disliked him since the start of the show..but i know hes got fans out there..maybe?

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    I thought Jay was awful, I dont know why, I just didnt laugh...

    tonights winner: Todd Glass

    Runner up if the winner cannot fufill his/her duties lol: Ant

    3rd Place: Corey Holcombe

    4th: Bonnie McFarlane

    Last: Jay, just because I expected more, he really disapointed me tonight

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    I thought the best comics last night were Corey and Ant. No one else even made me crack a smile. Jay London's "please like me" bit gets old after a while. Todd and Bonnie... please. They deserved to go 1 & 2.

    My votes went to Corey, but I only got 2 votes in. When I tried for my third it told me I had reached my limit. :phhht
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    Yet again Corey was not even faintly amusing, and his misogynistic crap offended me all over again. I wouldn't walk across the street to see him.

    Bonnie was faintly amusing at times, but her "I sell the drinks to the ugly girls" line lost any hope of getting my vote. And I agree that her delivery is off.

    Yet again, Todd Glass wasn't funny, and he seemed scattered.

    Yet again, Ant was funny. In fact, he was funnier than usual. Funnier than when he should have beaten that mope, Gulman. (Unlike most of the FORT commentators, I enjoy gay humor. I certainly like it a hell of a lot more than the anti-woman crap many seem to lap up.)

    Yet again, Jay was delightful. In fact, he was even better than usual.

    I was going to cast all of my votes for Jay, but having read all the posts here in which people admitted that Ant was the best but said they wouldn't vote for him, I'm going to cast at least one for him.

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    My votes went for Todd. Tonight wasn't his best night, but he was the funniest comedian in the house, and made the show actually amusing to watch. Unlike Jay Mohr...don't even get me started on his set tonight. If you have to pull jokes out about the Florida recount to get a laugh, you need to revise your material.

    Anyway, I didn't care for any of the comics' sets last night. Corey's style gets old with me, it's like the only jokes he knows are ones which he puts down women and then tries to get in their pants. Bonnie....ugh, I just don't find her funny at all. Ant was...well, Ant. I can't believe he did the boxing joke again, which everyone was pissed about LAST SEASON! I just can't stand him. Jay London, he was ok, but the one liners aren't gonna get him enough votes...and Todd; again, I think it wasn't his best night. I've seen his stand up before though, and when he's got his material organized right, he's hilarious. I just love the energy he usually has, even off the stage. So I voted for him. 12 times I think.

    I think the wild card show was an utter disappointment, and I knew it wouldn't be that great as soon as I heard Jay Mohr's do-over set. Although his sets are never good, so I should've seen it as a normal night.

    Anyway, my votes for the winner will go to either John, Kathleen (if I ever get to see her set! I know she's funny...), or Todd if he happens to get back in.
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    I was really enjoying last night, altho I originally thought it was kind of stupid to have a 2nd chance. I thought Corey was not so good. OK, I thought he stunk. I thought Bonnie was just ok, altho I didn't like her last joke-too cheesey!. I liked Jay, I thought it was his best. I absolutely loved Ant-I thought he killed. Todd was ok, but he seemed to project cockiness that might be displaced. So, I put,( in my mind) 1. Ant. 2. Jay. 3. Todd. 4. Bonnie. 5. Corey. I did not take away any scoring for them not being able to play with others or not being able to share with others or not being able to be nice to others. I went with who made me laugh.

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