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Thread: 7/20 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    I absolutely agree. He was so terrible, I even fell asleep during his set.

    Tammy winning immunity, seeing Ant again and John throwing the gnome in the pool were my least favorite moments of the show. I believe John will be the recipient of Shazzer's wrath for that cruel act. Gnome-love all around.

    I was so happy to see the 3 guys perform tonight, but I do believe that Corey was nervous and that cost him a lot. Alonzo and John were great, as I had expected.

    Now, I can't wait to see what Kathleen is made of! Will she ever get a chance to prove she can actually be funny?
    Totally agree. I'd love to see Kathleen perform. She's the only one who hasn't. I was kind of hoping she'd be one of the three. I don't know if Corey wasn't prepared or he was just nervous and shaky. He's very humorous offstage. I liked his little "Ant is gone" dance.
    I can't believe John threw that gnome. I like John, he's my fave, but....sic him, Shazzer!

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    Oh, I almost forgot my favorite part of the show...Tammy "getting" flowers. Mean-spirited or not, Tammy deserves it after all her scheming.

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    What is is with you people and Gnomes, I swear. Sorry AI, Kathleen is basiclly the Tess of the house this year, though with more talent obviously, she's a non entity in the house and will place dead last in the voting, not counting the wild card. Maybe 4th because she'll beat out Tammy, but that's it. It's a popularity contest and Kathleen is just not there.

    I was surprised how weak Corey's set seemed. He just had no energy, I though. Heffron was nothing but energy, with some good material. Alonzo KILLED. His last joke had me laughing out loud, genius. I didn't need the spoiler threat to see who'd lose, but it was nice to know anyway.

    One more week and that's it. Now we just have to wait and see by how big a margine Gary wins by.
    And what would that sound like DAG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    Now, I can't wait to see what Kathleen is made of! Will she ever get a chance to prove she can actually be funny?
    Completely agree! Everyone has been so afraid to challenge Kathleen in the head-to-head competitions, yet she never does well in the weekly challenges to prove her skills to us - how far can she go in this show on her just her reputation amongst the other challengers?? It's nice seeing the others adapt to the challenges and show at least some improvisational skills, whereas Kathleen is impressing me less and less all the time, even though I know her set is probably well rehearsed and very solid.

    Gary isn't going to win the whole thing, is he?

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    Just a quick question, why did three people go up instead of two?

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    I wasn't sure who of the 3 I wanted to get sent packing since all 3 of them are among my favorites. After watching the sets, I knew Corey would go because he didn't seem like his usual confident-self. I think he also pissed off some of the women in the audience.

    It's so great to finally see Alonzo in action. He was totally on fire. John was awesome as always. I wished it had been Kathleen who had gone on the head to head. From the little material I've heard from her, I'm just not impressed at all with her. Tammy is funny, but her material is one dimensional. Gary is somewhat funny, but he is not laugh out funny, imo.

    I hope Corey or Jay get back into the competition with the upcoming twist. I wouldn't want to see Ant, Bonnie, or Todd again. They are all so childish, vindictive, and not even funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mozzz
    It's nice seeing the others adapt to the challenges and show at least some improvisational skills, whereas Kathleen is impressing me less and less all the time, even though I know her set is probably well rehearsed and very solid.

    Gary isn't going to win the whole thing, is he?
    I completely agree with you on the Kathleen thing, as I don't find her extremely funny either. I guess I am not sophisticated enough.

    I really hope Gary doesn't win it all based on the sympathy thing. My favorites are John and Alonzo in that order. So if either one of those win, I'll be a happy camper. But if Tammy wins, I am going to riot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    And what was with that focus group. What size stick was up those mean little bastards' butts? Could they have picked a more miserable group of people? I felt so bad for the comics!
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    There was no "wild card" twist last year, mainly because Ant didn't make the house. There is this year so that Barry Katz has another shot at getting his client more prime time coverage. Notice how they keep finding ways to insert his insipid little face into each show even though he's been eliminated? Where was the "ghost of Todd Glass" gag?

    Yes, Mohr's warm-up set truly sucked. Probably the largest "bomb-to-applause-break" ratio I've ever seen. Really makes me want to hurl that his ego wouldn't allow it to air as-is, so he took it into editing and OVER-sweetened the audience reaction to his very lame routine, giving himself several applause breaks. Pathetic. :phhht

    Bothered me a bit that the 3 best comics left had to battle it out, while the three worst ones left got an easy pass into the final five. I think Madigan's achievements intimidated everyone from challenging her at first, but tonight we saw that the intimidation has worn off as she got three challenges. Too little too late, though.

    Gee, who'da thunk that Tammy's sitcom idea would be basically her act? But then, it worked for Tim Allen, so I see why she went there. Personally, however, I think everyone's getting tired of "mob" comedies. We should all fuggeddabouddit.

    I thought Heffron had the most ORIGINAL idea, albeit highly underdeveloped.

    Finally, I thought Alonzo and Heffron were both strong and full of energy, giving them each an A for energy and delivery, and a solid B for material. To me, it was a toss-up between them. Corey did not bring his A list material tonight, and his energy was noticeably less than the other two. The audience got it right.

    Unfortunately, Gulman is in the final five, and Ant has a chance to come back, too, which means little to no respect should be paid to the final results.

    Watch for Corey on Wed. night's Jay Leno. He's been giving each eliminated comic a couple of minutes air time at the beginning of his show the next evening.

    Now, let's just listen to the air conditioning, shall we?

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    Alonzo left them laughing with his best shot, good move. I like his humor but his delivery is too stern and he looks angry most of the time so he not on the top of my list.

    I have never liked Corey and it is difficult for him to draw women into to his humor. His getto act only targets a very small group. I was not surprized to see him go but shocked no one challenged him in the house. I have always thought him to be the easiest to beat because of his limited appeal.

    Heffron, as always, catches my heart and I was surprized to see him come in such a distant second.

    Bonnie's bitterness is unbecoming. This was a competition and she has chosen to take it personally and dismiss Heffron's friendship and alienate the others. What a sad mistake. I want to smack her but that isn't necessary, she has done enough damage to herself showing millions her poor sportsmanship. What a brat.

    Same goes for Ant. Displaying such rancor on national TV is only going to hurt him and distance himself from his fellow comics. It is off putting and petty.

    Tammy won the free pass. Ugh ugh ugh. The only strategy in that house should have been to honestly vote for who you think you could beat or go with someone you knew wouldn't be challenged to duck. Why she thought it was necessary to convince everyone to vote her way and get angry when they did not comply is beyond me. This is not Survivor. Unpleasant woman and she alienated her peers.

    Kathleen...I still dont know much about her. I have seen very little of her act.

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