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Thread: Who will win the public's vote?

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    Alonzo deserves to win.
    Gary will tho.

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    For some reason, I don't see Gary winning it all.
    AJane was talking about the *chick* vote; personally, I think it will be divided between John and Gary. I'm a chick and I like John a thousand times better than Gary, regardless of their looks.

    Alonzo is very talented and if he plays his cards right, he might have a chance.
    Deep down, I hope John wins because I enjoy his style the most out of all the comics in the house right now.

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    to Silver, I can't see Gary winning because 1. the chick vote will be split, and 2. not everyone was sold that he should have won against Jay. If he beats someone big tonight, then his votes could go down because nobody wants another Dat Phan (someone who's not wonderful, but somehow beats the comics who almost everyone loves).

    I say that Alonzo's got this competition, and he'll hopefully get a TV show...

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    I would say it comes down to John and Alonzo. Both were great tonite, so it'd be between them for me.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    I have got to agree with you mom2. John and Alonzo made me laugh really hard tonight, so if it were up to me, either one would be the deserving winner. No sympathy vote, just merit.

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    Heffron is just too funny... he makes me bust a gut laughing...

    he's the master of "it's funny 'cuz it's true" comedy... and I just love that

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    My view on this show all along has been that winning, or even making the final 5, doesn't matter. You go on this show for the exposure, which is ultimately more valuable than the ambiguous talent contract that the winner eventually receives.

    It becomes a popularity contest now, which I think narrows it down to Heffron vs Gulman. Alonzo and Kathleen hid in the shadows too much to develop much of a fanbase, although I would give Alonzo an outside chance if he comes up with an all-new set that just kills like in his H2H. Tammy has been such an unsympathetic character that you can already write her in as 6th place...in pen.

    As for the wild card, I think it's Jay London's spot to lose. He is polarizing, but his fans are passionate about him and he has such a benevolent nature that you just want to root for him.

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    John is my choice to win but I am not sure he will. I was shocked to see Alonzo beat him by such a large margin. I thought they would be neck and neck.

    Gary has proven his himself by winning his challenges by a landslide and his presence in the house was positive. His love for Glass was very endearing and his reaction to the focus group hysterical. (even serial killers aren't totally hated, they have to have some one come to them to be killed) He is an appealing guy. He is a contender for the win.

    I would put these two in the top three with Alonzo and if a gun were to my head and I HAD to choose I will say Gary with Heffron a close second.

    The audience voting will be very different than the competitions because we have all watched the show and developed an attraction or attachment. Both these men have shown good sportsman ship and wit in the house. Alonzo stayed in the background and did not dislplay any levity or wit. In fact he sat mute with an angry face most of the time. Have we ever even seen him smile? This could hurt him.
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    It will completely depend on the demographics of the audience. The producers can skew it any way they want.

    If people who have been watching them get to vote, then coming up with fresh material will matter. (Does the TV audience get to vote?)

    Lat time, Ralphie May and Dat Phan totally blew the others away in the final. Either of them deserved to win, based on that performance.

    I really, really hate the thought of the odious Gary Gulman winning, based on dumb oreo jokes aimed at dumb 25-yr-old guys and flirting with their dumb dates. Anyone else I can live with, although it should be John, based on what I've seen so far. He's the only one that doesn't constantly repeat himself. Even Alonzo, who's also strong, does that. Kathleen is the dark horse, since no one has seen her do a set since the beginning.

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    I am going to jump on the bandwagon here and say John, Gary & Alonzo for the top 3.

    John has been my fave since the very first H2H. I like his material and being close to the same age I relate to it quite a bit. Just like when he was talking last night about the best christmas toy being a wrapping paper tube. Oh the memories. And I think that is one of his strong points. Middle America (or Canadians in my case) relate to him. I know he will get my vote.
    I have always thought that Alonzo was funny but he never had much of an opportunity to show it since the auditions. I think last nights H2H may have been his saving grace to LCS fans for the final vote.

    Gary, he is a good looking man with material that again I can relate to. I do think he will get some ladies votes because he is appealing to the mid 20's crowd.

    Tammy is a *itch and the only votes she will get are ones from her family.

    Kathleen was too hidden I think to make any amount of an impact on the fans. I will say I was not impressed when she stated the only person she ever had an alliance with was Tammy..... ewwwwww no brownie points from me there.... Sorry Kathleen.

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