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Thread: Jay London v.s. Gary Gulman

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    The other night Gary Gulman beat Jay London in a head to head. Who do you think really won that head to head?
    Gary did. Clearly. I knew he was going to beat Jay halfway through his set. Jay had a LOT of clunkers the audience didn't really like and he kept apologizing for his lamer jokes.

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    I just caught the rerun last night. Jay's stand up is doesnt work well despite some very funny stuff. He got rousing applause after a few one liners and yet tapped his mike and mocked starting the joke again as if it bombed. That is bad enough, but following that mistake with 'you will never see me again' or 'please like me' clearly makes the audience uncomfortable. I wanted to yell, HEY! I laughed and thought it was funny, why are you pretending not to hear the reaction! His self depreciation just doesn't work.

    Gary did a very good set and I, too, knew immediately that he would walk away with a huge majority vote.

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    I was so hoping for Jay, but Gary may have been a little funnier

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    There are a couple things I will never understand in life:

    1) there are people in the world who find Clay Aiken physically attractive

    2)there are people in the world who find JAy London funny

    I do believe that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. I do. I am just confounded that people think Jay London is a funny comedian.
    How? I felt nothing BUT uncomfortable watching him perform in that head-to-head. I don't even think Jay London believes that he is funny. I know why he was cast on the show, but why people find him funny is beyond me...

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    The audience consisted of a bunch of frat boy-looking idiots and their empty-headed girlfriends. The kind that go to theme restaurants for dates. Of course, they wouldn't have appreciated Jay's jokes! I like Gary but his schtick is very conventional and safe and that's why he won.

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