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Thread: Jim Norton

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    Eat A Bullet

    Jim Norton

    I pretty much stopped watching Last comic standing 2 when Jim norton got eliminated. Any one else? Who thinks the first Last comic standing was better?

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    I hate to see a thread go unreplied to...

    Hey EAB,

    As Jim would have been a cynical and bitter burr in the saddle of everyone in the house, as long as he would have lasted...he would have been entertaining to watch... As the show goes, I still think that a room full of horny young women would still vote for Gary Gullman even over Jim Norton though...

    And I'll come out and say that, so far, I've enjoyed the first season more than this season...but part of that is the fact that I've had the chance to meet and work with some of the first season cast...

    Going into this year's try-outs, I'd heard of many more comics than I'd known going into last year's try-outs...but of the comics I'd been aware of before the show, only Heffron & Madigan remain.

    That said, I've liked a lot of the comedy that I've seen from Alonzo Bodden and John Heffron so far... I'm hoping that Kathleen has a good set when she's finally asked to perform.


    PS--And to answer your question, no, I didn't stop watching when Norton was disqualified. What else am I going to do with my Tuesday night? I...stink.

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    Jim Norton is scheduled to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday. (Sept. 15)

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    Oops! My TV guide was wrong. He was actually on Monday night. And he was damn funny! Mostly new stuff. (New to me at least.)

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