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Thread: The next season of LCS (debuting 8/31) will be....

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    The next season of LCS (debuting 8/31) will be....

    consisted of the final 5 from last year & the final 5 from this year

    I can't confirm this 100%, but if you look at the performance schedules from this month of each of the "final 10", they all have an extensive amount of time off in between dates

    the rumor is spreading like wildfire

    i would post a link to my site for more info & discussion but that's not allowed here. google my username for my site

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    So nobody new? Hmmm, I don't know if I like that or not.

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    Would that include Mordal or not? My memory of last year is hazy. If he's not in this, then it gets a big from me.

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    No Mordal finished seventh or so. It went Sean(10th), Tere(9), Rob(8), then Mordal(7), Geoff(6), Tess(5), Cory(4), Vos,(3), Ralphie(2), and Dat("1st"). So more than likely there will be no Mordal.

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    That would be pretty cool. It's a shame that Dave didn't make the final 5 last year.

    Edit- I just noticed that you posted the extensive spoilers that were right for this season. I guess there's a good chance of this being true.
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    It would be nice to watch Dat lose though.

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    that sounds interesting, but the season one peeps wouldn't fare well, IMO

    and that doesn't resolve nbc's screwups in not putting through people this season that are funnier than the people who made it.....i'm guessing there could be an arguement made that as many as 3 people who didn't make it would be in the top 5 if they had made it to the house this season (dan naturman, louis raimey, pablo francisco, etc)
    i don't think anyone agrees with me, but i'm gonna say it again, (until someone points out how bad it would be to break an unwritten rule) i would love next season for the first round of head-to-head, when the alliance gangs up on the crappiest comedian, the crappy comedian challenges the best comedian in the alliance, then goes first at the head-to-head and uses all of the other comedian's best material....the other comedians would be so shocked when the crappy guy comes back to the house they would be too intimidated to challenge them...free ride to the final 5 without using any new material, saving it all for the home audience

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    jer2911, I don't think it would be in the comedian's best interest to steal someone's act on national television... it doesn't bode well for their future career...

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    Didn't Cory kahaney JUST HAVE a baby? I'd be surprised if she went off for a week or two to film this show. I guess it depends on how long it takes to film this show. Last season took three weeks, but this season seems to be taking much less time to shoot. In fact John Heffron noted last night about Gary winning(against ANT), and his reception the night before, implying that this show took only five days to shoot, with one comic eliminated on Monday, a second on Tuesday, etc.

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    The subtitles "four days before fourth head-to-head competition" would imply that it wasn't one comic/day leaving.

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