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Thread: The next season of LCS (debuting 8/31) will be....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    I can't stand Ralphie May. To me he is like fingernails on a chalkboard.
    agreed. i hate his whole "im white but from the ghetto" act

    and dat had all the pity votes the same way gary is getting all the lady votes this season. the more the others pick on him, the more sympathy he will get. i want to see dat win again just to piss everyone off.

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    If Mordal were to be in LCS 3 he would win hands down, not even close with anyone else from either season and if they don't put him in then why watch? Vos needs Mordal to be funny in the house, and there has been no one in the house this season that makes me want to watch the second it comes on. Now it is on Tivo and I watch when I get to it.

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    If this was to happen someone not named Dat from season 1 would win.

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    [text removed - we do not allow posting of articles from other fan-sites]
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    So, is this more of an American Idol format where all performers go "head-to-head" each episode? Or just 2 performers... and the group decides which from LCS1 goes against the one from LCS2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by navycake
    Tell that to Uncle Miltie.
    Dangit, you beat me to it.

    I liked Ralphie May and would love to see him again on LCS. Vos would be awesome, too. Now if only Mordal could get on, I'd be in heaven.

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    Thanks for the links, pg13.
    This is good news. I have been really disappointed with LCS2 and haven't really been watching since the beginning of Big Brother. I'll definitely tune into no. 3 though.
    And please,God, let Dave be on it.

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    comedy fan
    Heard it directly from one of the comics: Dave will be in LCS3!

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    Snoozing at my desk again.
    Yay! Go Dave!

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    Very good news for the new season Both Dave and the new format. LCS3 will be "the" fall show for me.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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