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Thread: 7/13 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I didn't watch LCS last year. What do the final five do?

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    pg, if that's the case, I hope they choose Tammy since she's stepped on all of them. I can see Bonnie, Jay, Todd (because she beat him), and even Ant selecting her. I hope they pit her against someone strong, like Alonzo or John. I believe Kathleen has no reason to worry.

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    I liked about half of Jay's set. But I think I wouldn't even be laughing at any of it if it weren't for his cro-magnon, Schleprock persona.

    For instance, no other comic in that house could make Jay's material work. That's something all comics strive to do -- to come up with a unique persona and delivery and material that no other comic can do. Jay did that, but his problem is that his material is simply not strong enough.

    IMO, Jay was the weaker comic, but I didn't feel Gulman was THAT much better. However, I would have preferred to see Gulman leave for the simple reason that -- and I repeat -- HE SHOULD NOT BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE because his manager produces the show!!!

    Therefore, we cannot ever trust the voting results, especially now that we know they tape the winner announcement and audience reaction for both comics PRIOR TO THEIR PERFORMANCES. As long as Gulman remains in the house, it's pointless to treat this show as a legitimate competition. It's a scam, plain and simple, and at the moment just a very expensive publicity project for Gulman, Katz, Mohr, and the Insect. :phhht

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    I laughed out loud at Jay's set (the self depreciating "You'll never see me again" gets old to me). I think he is so so funny.
    And I like Gulman too - having been a protestant at Boston College - well, I can only imagine what being a Jew was like! But on the whole, I preferred Jay.
    My 7 yr old (who I doubt knows what a birth control pill is) loved Gary - mostly though because he'll probably be as tall as Gulman when he's fully grown. (And he already has about 7 little girls after him!) And there was a joke involving testicles. Those are always good for a laugh. That, and snot.

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