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Thread: New Season will start after Olympic Coverage

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    I'll watch again

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSi
    Funny or not, Mohr's the nameplate and a producer for the show. So no mohr would mean probably no show.
    it's a small price to pay, but we'll all get by.
    the least they could do is fire whoever is writing his material...
    buck star could do a better job

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    How many bets Ant will audition......... AGAIN :rolleyes

    Wasnt it mentioned somewhere Buckstar was actually on the LCS2 staff and was there for entertainment value? Lord help us in LCS3 (but I'll still watch hehehe)

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    If you're being serious, ANT will probably not audition again. Failing to make it to the end of a show twice pretty much means its time to give up with the show. Besides, he made it to the house, which is what he wanted, and he was defeated - he was not the funniest because there was simply someone in there funnier than him.

    Besides I don't like him and I veto any attempt for him to get back onto the show and that's that.

    im also sims5487 on geocities. check out my site for my LCS fan page.

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